Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Been Poisoned...

Well I have, just not how you might think. After 52 years of never having it I now have Poison Ivy! I am not happy about it and it is on my hands, legs, arms and a small area near my eye. I have tried many things to clear it up/stop the itching etc. so far with little success.

I know it's not poison ivy but this is the only art I have that has enough ivy of any kind to be representative of my problem. "Elf, Cat Tribe", 8 1/2 x 11, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. The slight stripping is due to my old scanner that did that allot.


  1. Hahaha 52 and just now getting poison ivy... hrmph!

  2. Yes, I was more careful as a kid or more lucky. And this after 2 weeks camping without even a bug bite. grrrr

  3. After mumble-mumble years of pulling weeds from the rock garden under the dogwood by the backdoor of the old house, I got poison ivy (I'm sure I'd been pulling poison ivy before). Apparently, there's a point where the immunity can wear off.

    I had it on both arms, wrist to elbow. I used Benadryl gel and Tecnu, and wrapped both arms in gauze to keep from clawing my skin off.

  4. Sorry to here about the poison ivy, you could have been one off my cousin when he was six fell in a patch of ivy and lets say the poor kid got it everywhere and i mean everywhere... they had to take the kid for a shot at the hospital in dover del. that was lets see he was six i was nine and now i just 21 a week ago so you do the math.... hope u get well