Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mini Me

Apparently my name is popular, several years ago there was a rash of people naming their kids Tristan Alexander (last name here). This year at Pennsic the mother of one of them brought her son in to meet me (again). She says that when he was new born they saw my shop at Pennsic and brought him in to get a picture with me. She promised to send me a copy of it along with the new one she took this year, he is 6 or 7 and a doll! I got lots of hugs and smiles. Here is the picture I took and I asked him not to smile so  got a serious face I am afraid. This is Tristan Alexander Cooper.

I Will Illuminate Anything

At Pennsic this year a gentle asked me if I would decorate his wooden shoes, so I illuminated them. Acrylic on wood. 27

New Coronets

I did these for the current King and Queen of Atlantia in the SCA. These are for when they step down and are Duke and Countess. These are leather and have elements of their Arms on them. I fear his is to large and hers to small, but I did them the sizes I was given as right for them. (I seem to not have a picture of her coronet, I will try to get one) 25 and 26


Backlog Scroll for a King

In the SCA my King, the King of Atlantia was owed a scroll for his Kingdom level Fighting award, the Sea Stag. I did this for him mostly because he was so excited by the scroll did for Hienrich for his Pelican and because he has been such a great King.
Sea Stag for Duke Cuan, based on/inspired by the Prayer Book of Claude de France, St. Hubert Adoring the Miraculous Stag (fol. 41, right), France, Tours 1517. Done by Master Tristan Alexander July A.S. LII. This is I think 8 1/2 x 11, on velum (skin not paper), in Acrylic, Egg Tempera and oak gall ink. Picture 24

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My First MoD

Master of Defense is the SCA's 4th Peerage, it is a Knighthood for Fencing. This is the first scroll fro an MoD I have ever done. I Like to do different and I can only hope the man who got this was pleased with it.
Master of Defense scroll done on a pair of white leather gloves with a medallion of the order. Accomplishment of Arms with the addition of the badge for the Order of the Stag's Heart (Outlands), the badge of the Popular Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald), the badge for the Order of the White Scarf (Northshield), the badge for the Award of Cygnus (Northshield) and the badge for the Award of the Black Flame (Northshield). Done by Master Tristan Alexander. Picture 23

Home From War

Having glasses eyes issues so may not post much as soon as I had wanted. Pennsic was mostly good. Sold a lot and enjoyed most of it. More later.