Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great Bat Facts for Halloween

Samhain Baby

I wanted to do a picture for the holiday, but I am sick and have not felt well for a week. so it ended up more of a quickie and less finished than I had wanted...but oh well! Happy Samhain/Halloween! This is "Little Demon, Ghost Lights", 9 x 13 1/2 Acrylic and Prisma Colors on Canson board. Original and prints for sale. Picture 37.

Happy Samhain

This is my favorite holiday and even though we don't get many if any trick or treaters, I still like to do a little decorating. Here is the day time picture of my floating jack o lanterns and an attempt at a night time picture of them. The flash messes me up some but this is the best I can do. They really do glow well and the floating effect is great at night!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BJD Crown

I decided to see if I can make and sell crowns for BJDs. So this is my first one on my boy Ian. It is made out of velum (think paper thin leather) and is painted with Acrylics and has Acrylic jewels. Ian is a 1/4 size and the crown in 8 inches around. This same size will fit on my smaller boy Trevi as well. I will be doing a larger one for an adult doll size (Don now has one). I am thinking I can make these custom for doll owners. Would anyone be interested (this is for the other BJD owners out there). 36.

Winter Goddess maybe

Well, I have a commission to go with my Spring/Green Goddess picture. I love the idea and have a good idea of what I want to do...BUT! I am not sure I am happy with how it is going, I really dislike starting over on a picture but when it is just not coming out right, I will! The coloring in this picture is off from the original and I can't seem to adjust the photo to get it right, but it still gives you a good idea of what it looks like so far. What does anyone think? look here to see what I am trying to make it go with. This is FAR from done, but again, the concept is well started.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not A Christmas Card

I had started this with the idea of making it into one of our cards for this Christmas, but end the end I decided on other works I already had done but had not used as a card yet. This misses the mark of what I was trying to do but has some very interesting concepts that I may revisit later. So this is a a picture I am considering a "study", a preliminary maybe for a different picture using many of the ideas in it. "Angel of Inspiration, study", 8 x 12, Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil , Micron marker and Pro White on Canson board. Original and prints for sale. Picture 35.

Monday, October 21, 2013

BJD Bedroom

Awhile back I posted pictures of the "apartment/doll house" I built for my BJDs. I have been redoing the rooms and this is how the bedroom came out. I still need a better rug than what I have, but overall I am pretty happy with it now, I built the bed and painted the side chest (I still want to add some gold details to it). The quilt was made by my mother in law and my husband made the sheets and pillows and pillow cases. The rest of the items are commercial made things re purposed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pin Up Merman

I needed a break before doing the second coronet for Blackstone Mountain and I had an idea for a picture..this is not it. The picture I had in mind didn't come together but this one came to me and I am pretty happy with it. I have always loved Art Nouveau and especially Mucha. This was inspired by his work and of course my own love of mermen and underwater stuff. I am still debating if it is done or if I should add a net and starfish across his upper tail/thigh area. "Nouveau Merman Pin Up", 10 1/2 x 17, Acrylic, ProWhite and Micron marker on Canson board. Original and prints for sale. Picture 34.

More Wisdome form Stonekettle Station

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vampyre Grandson

My grandson's mother's mother sent me several wonderful pictures of him and his friends and family having some pumpkin fun. This one is one of my favorites, it shows that my grandson Logan has some of grandpa Tristan's vampyre traits, just look at the teeth!  :)

Comic Book Rant

I love comic books and the X-Men have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I get all the X books except the Ultimate stuff. Well hey have lost me on one book because of BAD writing, poor storytelling and stupid choices! Uncanny X-Force that has now been rebooted is useless and badly done.
They start with a team that includes many characters who are in all of the other X books but don;t have any consistency of what is happening in the world. 
Why must EVERY storyline be an end of the world scenario? Why does every bloody plot involve some huge apocalyptic evil that only the X-men (or some variation of them) can save us from? Why is there no local bad guy or even personal villain that only effects a few people?
But my main complaint is the complete lack of imagination, they have now revealed that the big bad world ending villain this time is Casandra Nova (who is dead and gone)! She was a very poorly conceived character to start with and to dredge her up for this is just laziness and a waste of MY time to read!!
I will be canceling my subscription to that book!! The lack of tying anything in from one book to the other and the useless rehashing of a villain that should never have been created in the first place is just the last straw!
Trying to contact Marvel about this has been impossible (not that my opinion will matter to them anyway).
Uncanny X-Force, useless!!  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Oatmeal but NO Joke!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blackstone Mountain Coronet

I was commissioned to do a set of coronets for the new Baron and Baroness of Blackstone Mountain. You can look it up on if you want to know more about that group. This is 23 inches around, Acrylic, artificial stones and pearls on leather. 33.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Seasonal Spirit

While finishing up the cover for Ten Thousand Gods, I started a new picture, just for myself. It did not come out at all like I expected but I still like it. It was somewhat inspired by a sketch by and I got her permission before doing it. "October Spirit", 11 x 15, Acrylic, ProWhite and Micron Marker on Canson board. Original and prints for sale. Picture 32.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Old Fav

I just listened to "Masque" by Kansas, an old favorite of mine and the song "The Pinnacle" reminded me of just how great this group was and how much I loved this and so many other songs by them. It always reminded me of the Elric Saga. Some great lines and I think amazing music, please have a listen.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TTG Cover Done

I think this cover is finished. This is a replacement cover for her first book so that it will match the second and third book covers witch all have my covers. This is "Ten Thousand Gods", 13 x 20, Acrylic and Pro White on Canson board. Prints available. Picture 31.