Monday, October 14, 2013

Comic Book Rant

I love comic books and the X-Men have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I get all the X books except the Ultimate stuff. Well hey have lost me on one book because of BAD writing, poor storytelling and stupid choices! Uncanny X-Force that has now been rebooted is useless and badly done.
They start with a team that includes many characters who are in all of the other X books but don;t have any consistency of what is happening in the world. 
Why must EVERY storyline be an end of the world scenario? Why does every bloody plot involve some huge apocalyptic evil that only the X-men (or some variation of them) can save us from? Why is there no local bad guy or even personal villain that only effects a few people?
But my main complaint is the complete lack of imagination, they have now revealed that the big bad world ending villain this time is Casandra Nova (who is dead and gone)! She was a very poorly conceived character to start with and to dredge her up for this is just laziness and a waste of MY time to read!!
I will be canceling my subscription to that book!! The lack of tying anything in from one book to the other and the useless rehashing of a villain that should never have been created in the first place is just the last straw!
Trying to contact Marvel about this has been impossible (not that my opinion will matter to them anyway).
Uncanny X-Force, useless!!  

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