Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old and Strange

Way back, not long after the first "Alien" movie came out I got the book of H.R. Giger's art "The Necronomicon". His work while disturbing is amazing, creative and full of detail! I did two small paintings, 16 x 20 on canvas inspired by his work. The first was monochromatic black on black with greys and a very minor amount of white. That painting got me my job at "The Judges Guild" a D&D supplemental/gaming company as an in house artist. The owner bought the original painting (for $200 if I remember right). I did a second painting, this one was white on white with some greys, tans and a little black. This one I may still have (someplace). I don't have a picture of the first one but here is the second one. "Gigeresque", 16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Cover

Back in the early 90's a friend and former room mate started a Vampire Fanzine. She asked me to do the first cover for it. It was called "Shadows in the Mist" and was spiral bound, edited, printed and partly written by her. I had a couple songs/poems and some illustrations in it as well. While I am not happy now with the human figure but at the time it was not bad. I am still very pleased with the background! The feel, coloring and overall look I think is very good. "Shadows in the Mist", 8 1/2 x 11, Acrylic on illustration board.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Second Picture of 2010

OK, this is a bad picture because it was taken inside and I am not a great photographer. But I finally finished the second actual original picture of the year. This picture was inspired by a story told to me at a party at a SciFi Con. This guy told me that he had seen something over the Summer that reminded him of my work. He said he has been somewhere (West Virginia or something) and that along a mountain road, coming out of the woods/field he say a boy (young teen) who was bare chested, sweaty and had a raven on his shoulder. The image stayed in my mind and this is what I came up with based on it. "Summer Secrets", 16 x 20, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. Original available just ask for a price.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Valantene

I hope that in a few days I can post the newest picture I have done (it is still being worked on). But until then I have at least one more picture of my Vampyre, Valantene. This one has tons of detail and I both enjoyed doing it and as often happens with me, wondered why I started something with so much work in it! This is a large black and white, 11 x 14 done in Micron marker on Bristol paper. "Valantene at the Window".

Monday, January 25, 2010

NOT a fun day

When Don kissed me goodbye this morning as he does before leaving for work, he informed me that the power had gone off around 6:00. About an hour after he gets to work, he calls me from work and says the power is off there also. He ends up coming home early, we still have no power when he gets home around 11:00. Can't take a shower or flush toilets without, around noon, without having a shower, we go out to lunch. We shop a bit for stuff and come home around 2:00. Power is back on, I get my shower! BUT...because of his work, when ever the power comes on, he has to go in so he can fix all the computers. It comes on around 4:00 so we have to go in for that (I had to go so we could get supper and go to EFM (Education for Ministry a 4 year Christian study thing we have been doing for almost 4 years). I have a sinus headache and get nothing done much today. Just got home ...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Ride (if it works)
watch the Door vidio!

Great Trade

My friend Pyracantha and I have traded commissions over the years. I would do a picture for her in exchange for a picture from her! We like to challenge each other and push each other to do things out side our comfort zone! This is from a great, lurid, Victorian-ish, fantasy novel that is unfortunately hard to find and out of print (I can't recall the name right now). But Pyra, has a copy and has done some great pictures herself based on it. Well she asked me to do a portrait of one of the main characters, an arrogant, but handsome poet! While doing this I was listening to "Toad the Wet Sprocket", Pray Your Gods, off of their Fear CD. The song just seemed perfect for this guy and this picture. The words in the background across the top of the picture says;

"I will give the secrets you request - and you will be the one to sacrifice -so lay your olive arms across my breast -and sing the poems, free the butterflies - pray your gods who ask you for your blood - for they are ..."

Doing all the architecture was my challenge (she is an expert at that kind of thing). I love all the details and am still VERY happy with how this came out.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Non Vampiric Black and White

OK, after all the Valantene pics and story I thought I would post a black and white not related to anything vampiric (well except me). I love manta and sting rays and creatures like them. They are just so cool looking and gentle and magnificent! Of course, I do a picture with one in it and he is so obscured that most could not tell it is a Manta ray I am depicting! I am thrilled with the figure, but I think overall the picture fails! "Manta Rider", 8 1/2 x 11, Micron pen on Bristol.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valantene Again

This picture isn't actually an illustration of a particular scene but I like it for the details and atmosphere. I had fun with background little things in this one. "Valantene and the Night Mist", 8 1/2 x 11, marker on Bristol.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strange Delights (15) end

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)
Shadows Past

It was the night of the first of May, Bealtaine, when Valantene found the toy. It was battered and half burnt, wedged in a crack in the stone wall of the coal bin where he slept. The shape of the small carved wooden horse's head stuck out just enough be seen by his keen eyes. Gently the Vampyre removed the loose stones that held it in place and soon stood holding a piece of the past. It was very familiar to him yet it took some time for his mind to register it's significance.

"Valantene, are you all right?" The Vampyre nearly dropped his treasure. For the first time in his preternatural life he had been startled.

"Beloved, I did not notice your approach, forgive me." Valantene said, not understanding how this could be so, even as he said it.

"What's that?" asked Joshua, noticing the small object in the Vampyre's hands.

"An answer to a riddle as well as a sad memory." Valantene answered, gently touching the toy and looking a little pained. "Do you recall how I told you that my kind cannot enter a home without invitation and how I some how did just that on the first night I feed from you?" Joshua nodded. "Well, I was able to enter your home because of this." The Vampyre said, holding up the toy so that the boy could see it. Valantene could see that his human lover was confused as to how this little piece of wood could be so significant.

"When this town was not much more than a few farm houses I was here." "I became intimate with a family that lived on one of those farms." Shaking his head and brushing a pink tear from his eye the Vampyre continued. "This toy belonged to the youngest boy of that family." "A family that died because of me!"

Seeing the shocked look on Joshua's face, Valantene realized what the boy must have assumed and quickly continued. "No! No. I did not kill them. I would never have harmed that sweet family." "It was the ignorant bigots from the town who murdered my friends."

to be continued

(Readers, at this point the story ends for now. I am sure at some point I will write more but I am not sure when. Hope you enjoyed it so far and like how I solved the mystery. TA)

(Oh night thou was my guide, Oh night more loving than the rising sun, Oh night that joined the lover to the beloved one, Transforming each of them into the other. Upon that misty night, In secrecy, beyond such mortal sight, Without a guide or light Than that which burned so deeply in my heart.) Dark Night of the Soul ,St. John of the Cross/Loreena McKennitt

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Strange Delights (14)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)
Shadows (continued)

"Young one, I understand your fears but believe me, you are in no danger. You will not become as I by giving me your blood. Let me tell you more of my story."

"Many years after I found myself as I am now, I again met Lord Mihnea. I had traveled far and had learned much but I still knew nothing of how I had become a Vampyre. Having had many victims, I knew that my bite alone did not change a person.

It was the year 1700, in the city of Venice where I finally again encountered the man who had made me as I am. It was a warm July night and I was hunting in the Palazzo dei Procuratori. There are many side streets and areas of shadow so I had no trouble concealing myself when needed. I had discovered that this palazzo was frequented by boys of a certain kind who sought the affections of men and though this meant I had competition of a sort, it also meant easy prey. As I stood partially revealed in a doorway trying to attract the eye of a young noble who had just entered the square, I felt more than saw, a familiar presence. Looking around, I saw a tall pale figure only a few yards from me. Though he was dressed in the style of the times, he was still the same handsome, dark eyed Lord that had come to my village almost two hundred years before. It was Lord Mihnea.

Abandoning my intended prey, I moved with all speed to catch this man who had made me what I am. To the young noble who had just began to respond to my seduction it must have looked as if I simply vanished into thin air, so quick was my movement. I stood silently beside Lord Mihnea for several long minutes before he felt my presence and turned to look into my eyes. At first I thought he might flee from me. He took 2 steps as if to do so and then stood statue still, as still as only one of the undead can. A mix of puzzlement and sadness shown in his face.

I wished to ask so many things of this man who had changed my life to this dark unlife. My mouth could not form the words and my thoughts ran from one question to the next not knowing which to speak.

In my hesitation, he found voice. "You live!?"

This seemed a stupid thing to say yet I could hear his surprise and relief in those few words.

"Yes, I live, I know not how I came to be like this yet I live!" My voice sounded cold and flat to my ears. I projected an anger that I long ago thought forgotten.

"How could you survive so many years and not understand your nature?" He asked in an astonished tone.

"I understand my nature!" I snapped, "I do not understand how I became as I am. Your curse and mine now, does not infect others simply from the act of feeding, nor does death cause the change as far as I have seen. So HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?? WHAT MAGIC DID YOU USE TO MAKE ME THUS?!" I was screaming by the end and he looked as if I had struck him physically. Seeing his fear and pain I lost my anger and spoke again. "I just need to know how this curse of ours befell me, please?"

His eyes shone wetly as he told me of my mortal death and his terrible mistake.

It seems that, on that last night of my natural life, he had called me with his mind being desperate for my blood and unable to reach me physically. When I came to him in the woods his hunger caused him to take much more from me than I could safely lose. Only as I lay dying in the leaves did he realize what he had done. In desperation and panic, he slit one of his wrists and attempted to revive me by feeding me his blood. It seemed to have no effect and so feeling guilt and fear, he fled.

He left my village behind as quickly as he could and his fear of what he had done and confusion over what he had become caused him never to return to that part of the world again. It seemed that for all this time he had thought me dead and hated himself for it. Though most if not all of his other "human" feelings and failings disappeared over the long years, this one thing had continued to haunt him. What he had thought was his first kill was actually his first offsprings creation and it had taken all this time for him to know the truth of it.

Hearing this and seeing his reaction to my presence, I truly lost my anger with him. And yet it seemed to me that if all he said was true then my long life of darkness was an evil trick of fate and meaningless. I began to laugh. It was the laugh of a mad man, or should I say mad child. As my voice became louder than any mortals and echoed off the walls of the Palazzo, all those in the Palazzo and for many blocks away ran from the sound in blind terror. Some with fragile minds began to laugh the mad laugh with me. Only death silenced them. Lord Mihnea tried to block the sound from his ears but nothing could keep it from his hearing. Finally he seized me with all his preternatural strength and lifted me from the ground shaking me furiously until my laughter stilled.

"I am sorry! I am sorry!" was all he could say and then he fell to his knees before me and wept.

We stayed like that for several hours, the finely dressed Lord bowed before a nearly naked youth, his arms wrapped tightly around my legs, his tears staining my feet. The approaching Dawn finally ended this bizzare scene. Just before the sun rose, we agreed to meet again at dusk for we had much to talk about.

Once the sun had set the next day, I made preparations to again meet Lord Mihnea.
This being the season of Carnival in Venice, I decided it would be better for me to blend with the crowd and so have an easier time meeting my vampiric sire in public. I "acquired" a costume and mask and so, outrageously dressed, I passed virtually unnoticed through the crowds of humans.

Entering the Palazzo, I found it filled with revelers and dozens of other costumed celebrants. Using my heightened senses I finally found Lord Mihnea standing near the entrance to a dark ally. He was dressed in an elaborate costume looking much like a peacock.

Before him stood two youths, dressed in identical short tunics of blazing red and orange looking very flame like. At a distance it seemed that they wore white tights that showed off their firm young buttocks to best advantage. As I neared them, I realized that they were not wearing white tights at all. Open to everyones gaze was the magnificent view of the bare legs and ass of these twin boys.

As I came to stand beside Lord Mihnea I saw that both boys were in a haze of sexual pleasure. The finely dressed Lord was lovingly fondling the very stiff member of both boys. Looking into my eyes he nodded his head and turned the twin nearest me so that I might take over his pleasuring. In but a few strokes, it was clear that both boys were about to climax. Kneeling as one, we took the boys before us into our mouths and as we took their young seed we also fed on blood from their engorged manhood.

As their climax peaked, each boy fell into a deep sleep. Carefully we lifted our young benefactors and finding a secluded niche, lay them together to sleep till morning. We tried to arrange them so that if they were stumbled upon their natural charms would not entice anyone to take advantage of their venerability.

Now that we had feed, Lord Mihnea and I could casually stroll the walkways and discuss our dark lives. He told me many things about being Vampyre. Most that he said I had learned on my own over the years. He explained what he knew of our abilities and restrictions.

He could not explain why my ears had become pointed, though he believed that my own perceptions of what I was had caused this change. In the legends of my people, the Wurwolaka, the Vampyre have pointed ears as well as red eyes, pale skin and long fangs. Since my rebirth I had taken on all of these characteristics. Lord Mihnea had but a few. A slight red in the eyes, long fangs and a pallor, but not so pronounced as my own.

We agreed that there were surely more of our kind in the world and yet neither he nor I had ever met one. He had heard rumors of Vampyres in Paris or in the New World but he was not sure how reliable human gossip was. My sire was not truly interested in meeting others like himself. He was content to live through the ages alone.

After but a week we decided that our paths should part. I bid him farewell and I have not seen him sense that night, over 200 years ago.

It had taken three nights for Valantene to tell his tale. Joshua was less frightened of become a Vampyre now, but his mind was still uneasy about having one as a lover and living in his families basement.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coloring Fun

As I think I have already said, I got a small (12 pack) set of Copic markers for Christmas. They are very interesting to use so I have been trying them on allot of things including several black and white prints I have laying around. This is a picture I did based on a 15th century stained glass window. It seemed a very good candidate for copic marker as they do give a somewhat stained glass look to the color. "Stained Glass Knight", 8 1/2 x 11, Copic marker and Acrylic on cardstock.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Complain Complain Complain

I feel like a whiner by complaining, but I really would like some regular feedback here. Masturbation is all well and fine but the mental/computer/Weble version just isn't my thing! It takes time and effort to post stuff here and I feel obligated to post if I have it up... So, while I would like to keep this Weble up and running, if I don't start getting more feedback/comments, I may close it down. Thanks to those few who have tried to comment regularly and I understand people get busy and can't always look at/read/comment but out of 28 people I would expect at least a couple comments in a week from someone!!

Strange Delights (13)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

It was late, after midnight, when Joshua finally managed to get to the basement. He had fallen asleep after supper and would have slept through the night but he wanted to hear more of Valantene's story so he had forced himself to wake. He also knew that the Vampyre would want to drink from him, having not done so the night before. It frightened and excited him to think of this part of the partnership.

As he entered the dimly lit basement he saw his lover's pale form, he was sitting on the old work bench where they had sat before, waiting for the boy.

"Good evening Joshua, I began to think that you were not coming this evening." Valantene said in a quiet distracted voice.

"Hi Valantene, I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, I fell asleep. You aren't angry are you?"

"Of course not, I understand. Shall I continue my tale?"

The boy nodded and so the Vampyre continued his story at exactly the point where he had left off.

"For the next two nights I fed on the blood of animals. I found it easy to catch rabbits with my new speed and stealth. Their blood did not revive me as the boys had but my body did not reject it as it did all else. I felt a constant hunger yet it was not unbearable and I vowed to myself that I would never again kill another human.

Staying well out of sight, I had spied on the village to learn of any news that might concern me. I heard my father's voice and learned that since Lord Mihnea and I had disappeared on the same night, it was thought that I had been taken into the Lord's service. And though it was customary for a father to be asked before his children took such a position, it was not required. Since our village was small, some of those who found me with the boy were known to me. Because of the darkness and excitement of the situation none could be sure that it was me they saw. Some seemed sure, yet others insisted not, my family chose to believe that it was not me. I could never explain to them what I had become. I hoped that they truly believed I was in the service of Lord Mihnea, for in a way, I was.

I also learned that the boy I had bitten, Radu was his name, was not dead! He lay near death for the past day and a half but had come out of his still sleep after a priest had cleaned the wound with holy water. He had been kept warm by his father who had lain with him holding the boy against his own flesh and keeping them both well wrapped in blankets. This and the priest's attentions were enough to save him. I later learned that the boy had recovered with no apparent ill effects, though he never left his hut at night to relive himself again for the rest of his life.

The fact that the boy had not died was a relief to me but it did not change my resolve never to kill humans. As time went on, I left the area near my village and discovered much about this strange new life. I soon discovered that the safest and often most comfortable places to sleep through the day was in the ancient stone burial chambers. Some were caves that had been carved and built on to make a crypt, others were great stones that had been placed over earthen mounds. Most of these were empty except for the bones and possessions of those long dead. On the first occasion that I entered a tomb newly occupied, I nearly fled in terror. Only the rising suns relentless rays prevented me from running from the place.

Waking the next night, I quickly left this resting place to it's rightful inhabitant. An old man whose body must have been rotting even as it was placed into the tomb. After this experience I made every effort to inspect several possible resting places before each days dawn. I never wanted to be without a palatable place to lay my head again.

In the nights and months that followed I learned many things about being a creature of the night. I learned that I could seduce young men with the promise of sex and by using the same technique as Lord Mihnea had used on me, I could draw enough blood from them to sustain myself well. I learned that I did not have to kill to live, nor did I have to harm. The sexual pleasure that I gave my victims offset the small loss of blood and the few days of soreness to their genitalia. I learned that by feeding well, I could look as normal as most people. My skin still had an odd translucence to it but unless I allowed close scrutiny, no one suspected my true nature.

Though I made an effort to live and dress as normal men, it soon became apparent that this was foolish of me. I did not feel the cold nor the heat any longer so I did not need to cloth myself. And as my chief method of procuring blood was through sexual seduction, being nude seemed the best method of arousing the interest of my victims.

I did develop an attachment to the cloak the woman had put on me that horrible first night and so I found myself dressing as you see me. I have acquired many cloaks over the years, as one would wear out and begin to rot away, I would replace it. All have looked much the same, dark blue, nearly black with the same silver clasp transferred from one to the next.

The clasp was not on the original cloak but was made for me years later by an artisan who as a youth became my lover and during his apprenticeship to a master craftsman, made it as a token of his love. I stayed with him for many years until his death as an old man. I keep it to remind me that I am not unredeemable nor am I as cold at heart as I am in body. These are the only reminders of my home and century of birth that I care to have." The Vampyre stopped and gently caressed the clasp at his neck.

Joshua had noticed it before, it was very striking. About an inch and a half across, the circle of silver had a black design enameled on it. The center was a face half in shadow half in light with a bat wing rising from the dark side and a pointed collar from the light.

"Joshua you look troubled, what bothers you?"

The boy was still not sure about this relationship. "I don't know. I still can't believe this whole thing, I mean, how can I let you drink my blood and not feel strange? Are you sure that I won't become a Vampyre by letting you bite me?"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something Tame

After all my story postings witch is a bit on the erotic side I guess, I thought I would post something I am happy with that is very NOT erotic. I did this painting for my mothers boyfriend a few years back. It was based on several actual carousel horses. It was important that I get it right since he knows these things well having carved a 3/4 life size carousel horse himself. "Carousel" 16 x 20 or so Acrylic on canvas. Prints available.

Strange Delights (12)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)
(shadows continued)

Panicked and hungry, I found myself circling the huts of my village. Each was protected from my entry by the same herbs and branches as my own home. I searched and searched for anything that I could eat but nothing I found was edible to me.

Then only an hour or so before the dawn, a boy, no more than eleven years old, came out of his hut needing to relive himself. Seeing him I first thought to run, but as my heightened eyes saw him more clearly I notice the small tenting of his nightshirt. This was enough to cause my other senses to take him in. The smell of his sweat and other body odors were very strong to me. Concentrating on him further I could smell a sweet dark sent that I soon realized was his blood. Very carefully I moved to where he stood in the bushes. Being half asleep and trying not to wet his nightshirt while urinating with a morning erection, he did not notice me until his was not the only hand holding his member.

Startled to full wakefulness by this, he jerked from my grasp and would have run had I not grabbed his nightshirt. The cloth began to rip but by then I had captured his wrist, pulling him to me, I sank my teeth into the wrist I held. The rich, sweet liquid filled my being. I began to feel renewed as I drew more and more of the boy's life blood into myself. I was lost in the ecstasy of that moment of being filled with that which my body craved. The hunger began to fade but as it did I could hear angry voices behind me. As my mind cleared I could vaguely recall that the boy had screamed quite loud as I fed from him. Now he lay limply in my arms, his nightshirt crumpled and stained covering only his upper body leaving his lower half naked and exposed. Seeing what I had done I froze in fear. The boy was near death and I had drained his life from him. How could I do such a thing? What kind of monster had I become? My tears ran from my eyes in pink riverlets. The drops fell onto the boys face as I held his head in my hands. I could not have done this, I would not accept it.

Rudely awakened by the boy's screams of terror, several of the villagers left their huts to see what the matter was. Wearing their night clothes and carrying candles and objects to defend them selves with. Several men and two or three women soon found themselves looking on a strange sight. At first they did not realize that I had caused the boy's screams. Many believed me to be the first to arrive after some terrible accident and could not see clearly enough in the candle light to see the truth of it.

One of the women had thought to throw a cloak about her shoulders as she came to see what the matter was, seeing my state of undress, she put her cloak around me in a gesture of concern. This gesture of kindness, however, cause the others to see things more clearly. Noting my nudity and aroused state they soon also noticed the red stains around my mouth and the bite marks on the boy's arm.

The change in the crowd's mood struck me and I realized that I was in great danger. Moving more quickly than I believed a person could, I dropped the limp body of the boy, sprang to my feet and out of the circle of villagers before they knew what was happening. Wrapping the dark cloak around me, I became nearly invisible in the darkness of early dawn. Without a thought but to get away, I soon found myself again in the cave that I had slept the day through before. Though they were many yards away I could still hear the angry shouts of the villagers. They had lost sight of me as soon as I had left the small circle of light made by their candles. Because of my speed and the still dark forest, they soon gave up the hunt.

Again I slept through the day in a state of total oblivion. But as I awoke at sunset, I recalled what I had done. I had killed a child by drinking his blood. I was a monster, I was Wurwolaka, undead. My body shook uncontrollable, not from cold but from fear and self loathing. How could I continue like this? I was lost in all ways, body, soul and mind. What was to become of me?" Valantene stopped here for he could feel the coming dawn. "I must sleep now and you have not rested this night. You must not let your health deteriorate nor can your family have cause to worry about you. If they become too interested in your nightly activities we are both in danger."

"You can't stop there, I mean, what happened next? How did you..." Joshua's protests were cut short by Valantene's raised hand and stern look.

"Tomorrow, young one, Tomorrow eve I will continue! But now I must sleep, till dusk be well." With this the Vampyre turned and entered his coal bin tomb.

As he left his basement, the troubled 16 year old wondered more and more about his relationship with a Vampyre. Hearing the strange history of how Valantene became as he is, had only made his concerns grow. He had hoped that by learning more of his lover's past he could begin to feel at ease with their relationship. It was doing just the opposite. Barely missing being seen by his mother, he eased into his room and climbed in bed. He hoped his mother would let him sleep in, it had been a long night.

First Commission of 2010

This is actual a commission from 2009 but it is my second picture done in 2010. I am going to count it here as 1 since I still can't post the actual first picture which is a scroll. So This is "Valdev Shaforris" a giant, (in this picture anyway) horned, naga character of a person from MO who likes really weird complicated Chimera creatures. I hope he likes the end result! It is 8 1/2 x 11 Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil and Prisma Color on Canson board. 1

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strange Delights (11)

(Copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)
(Shadows continued)

When Joshua calmed down a few minutes latter, Valantene continued his story. "Many of the older and wiser people of my Clan knew what Lord Mihnea had become and were prepared to protect us all from his curse. I however, would not believe that this man who gave me such pleasure and treated me so well would ever do me harm. The elders put garlic and hawthorn boughs all around the doors and windows of our homes. This would keep the Wurwolaka from entering.

For three nights I lay waiting for my Lord to come and pleasure me as he had almost every night for two weeks. On the fourth night I heard him call to me, the call was not in my ears but in my mind. I do not remember rising or walking into the woods but I found myself standing before Lord Mihnea, naked, surrounded by the dark forest. As I looked into those red tinted eyes, my young member stiffened and pointed to the sky. Seeing my aroused state, this strange Lord knelt and again suckled from my body. Unlike the many other times he had taken me in this way, once I climaxed he continued to draw fluid from me. As he feed I began to feel weak, my legs buckled and I fell back onto a bed of leaves. Now barely able to think, I realized that he was taking too much from me, I was dying.

After being kept from me for three nights this newly turned Wurwolaka's hunger had caused him to come dangerously close to draining me. My nearly bloodless body had started to cool even before his mouth left my pale flesh. Laying almost buried in the leaves, I could hear my own heart beat. It seemed like hours between beats, all that I could hear was that pounding and the wind in my ears, roaring like a great storm. Darkness surrounded me and my mind flew over strange landscapes, death was upon me." Again Valantene fell silent, sitting still as a stone he stared into space.

After several minutes had passed Joshua became alarmed at his lover's silence and stillness. "Are you alright?" "You don't have to tell me anymore if you don't feel like it." Still getting no response, Joshua reached out to shake the white shoulder of his vampyric companion. As his hand touched the cool flesh, Valantene began to speak again.

"Everything slowed, I saw a leaf release from a branch far above my head. It floated ever so slowly away from the tree that bore it, every inch of its fall seemed to take an eternity. It danced on the wind forever, long before it reached the ground my vision dimmed and then all was blackness.

Time no longer existed for me, I lay in a netherworld of emptiness until I felt a burning in the core of my soul. My eyes suddenly were filled with light, I tried to cover them with my arms but could not move. The light became brighter and brighter until I thought I would explode with light. Then, in an instant the light was gone and I found myself sitting in the dark forest alone. I do not know how long I had lain there in the leaves, but I did not feel cold, nor could I see any sign of Lord Mihnea.

All seemed normal until I realized that I could see all the colors in the leaves and trees. Though it was clearly late in the night, I was able to see every color, even many I did not recognize. Rising from the ground, I felt unreal, as if I moved in a dream, all was new and more vivid than waking life. I looked down at my body and saw that it had become like alabaster, very pale and somewhat translucent. This could not be real, my mind was unable to make sense of what had happened. I went back to my home in hopes of going to bed and waking in the morning to find that all this had been but a dream.

To my surprise, as I approached the hut where my family lived I found I could not get closer than four or five feet from it. It was as if some force held me from my home. A barrier, invisible but so strong that nothing I could do allowed me to pass beyond it. I knew of talismans and spells that the elders used that could have a similar effect on those it was used against but what could do this to me?

Then I saw the garlic and Hawthorne boughs and it came to me, this was what held me from my home. This made no sense to me, I was not Wurwolaka! I did not feed on the blood of others! I had not died and come back! My mind would not believe that which must be true.

As the dawn approached a feeling of dread came upon me so strong that I was in a panic. I felt I must flee the rising sun but knew not where to hide. There were caves near our home where we kept our few cattle and goats. These would keep the sun from finding me, so I ran heedless of the branches and thorns that tore at my naked flesh, until I came to one of these caves. Throwing open the gate that blocked the entrance, I rushed into the depths of the cavern and finding a hollow far from the entrance just large enough for me to wedge into, I hid and soon slept the sleep of the dead.

I awoke at sunset. The strong odors of the animals filled my senses and for several moments I did not know where I was. As my mind cleared, I remembered all that had passed the night before and how I came to this place. I still would not believe that I had become a creature of the night.

Hunger clawed at me, I ached with the need for sustenance. Carefully I approached the camp fires of my village. Though we had stopped our travels and built huts, we still kept camp fires to cook large meals on and for dancing and storytelling. Hoping that some food might still be left in the pots which hung over the fires, I crept to the nearest of these. In the iron pots I found enough stew that could be scrapped out for a meal. I devoured the hot stew so quickly that my lips and mouth were burned by the nearly boiling food. Moments after swallowing the last of this my stomach rejected it and I fell to the ground retching. I soon found that any food I took in would not stay with me. My body rejected every ounce I consumed. I was starving, never had I felt such hunger or such frustration.

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Lost Follower??

I could have sworn I had 29 followers! I was hoping to have 30 sometime this year but now I am down by one?? I hope it isn't because of my story. If anyone likes or dislikes me posting it, let me know!!

On another note, while I like blogspot overall, I really am getting annoyed that I can't get to any other blogs with my "next blog" button. I have for the past week now, only been able to get 2 other blogs with that button, the same 2 over and over!! I have tried everything to get an answer and or help from blogspot! NOTHING has been answered or done.

Strange Delights (10)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

Sitting in the dark and dusty cellar, surrounded by long neglected objects of human life, Valantene decided to tell his young lover something of his past. Two days had passed since he had moved in to his new home and all seemed well.

"I can no longer easily remember the Day. The sun is but a distant feeling of warmth and a smell that can not be described. I became as you see me in my fourteenth year, in the area then called Transylvania near Wallachia. My people had traveled those lands for hundreds of years and though many accepted us many more did not. Because of this, we never stayed in one place long unless we had a Royal sponsor who made use of our special abilities and appreciated our skills. We had such sponsorship at this time and so were more settled than usual. Some of us had even built huts to live in, our wagons not needed for everyday use. My family were among those who chose to live in one place for a time.

His Highness Alexander Mircea, known as Alexander II, was then Prince of Wallachia and unlike several of those who ruled before him, he saw us as useful members of his populous. My people's skill at woodworking and with animals, as well as our gifts of prophesy, were much used and appreciated. The Prince was a generous patron and life was good for awhile.

One day, not long after the beginning of my 14th year, a nobleman from the Prince's court came to our village. He was tall and pale, his dark eyes seemed to see through to your soul. His name was Lord Mihnea and he had come to talk with our Visionaries. He had been cursed, he said, and needed our help.

Many of our young women found this noble very attractive and did much to attract his attention. Some danced around the fires at night to stir his passions, others cooked dishes designed to please the palate and inflame the loins. Nothing they did seemed to please this strange man. Some of the young men who were not interested in women, thought that maybe they would be more to this eccentric Lords liking. Not one found favor in his dark eyes.

Then on the third night of his stay in our camp, I found myself troubled by strange erotic dreams. Or so I first thought, until I awoke to find Lord Mihnea kneeling beside my bed, his lips around my ridged four inch member. Though surprised to be awakened in this manner, I could not deny the pleasure I was feeling and so I lay still allowing this strange man to have his way with me."

At this Joshua made a small sound as if startled and his face held a look of shock. Anticipating the boy's thoughts, Valantene continued with an explanation.

"I know that in this time and place such behavior, especially between a man and a boy, is forbidden and shocking. But in that time and place such behavior was not so surprising and when it was a nobleman and a peasant boy, the boy was expected to accept and even be flattered by such attentions. Being one who had long known that his affections were for other boys, I had no misgivings about being the object of a man's desires. I was even flattered that this handsome Lord had chosen to bestow his affection on me of all those he could have taken.

As Lord Mihnea continued his oral attentions I could feel myself climax. I had only just begun to produce fluid from my member in the year before and I had never had anyone draw it from me in this manner. As I released my seed it felt as though my soul was being drawn out of my body and into that hot mouth. The pain and pleasure became so intense that I fell into darkness becoming unconscious. When I awoke, Lord Mihnea had gone. My now spent member was very tender and after some examination of it I found two puncture marks, much like those you have found on your own. I had no idea what this could mean but I was to learn after several repeated visits in the night from this strange man that he was far stranger than any of my people would have imagined.

The curse that he feared was full on him by now. He no longer appeared to us in the daylight, his complexion took on a pallor not natural to men and his eyes now held a hint of red." At this Valantene paused, a sad smile on his face. Memories were often bittersweet to one who lived so long.

"Will I become a Vampyre now? If you became one because Lord Mihnea bit you then..." Joshua stopped, afraid to hear the answer to a question he only now realized should have been asked long before.

"Do not fear my love, it is not so easy to become as I." Valantene replied, putting his arm around his human companion's slightly shaking shoulder.

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Tides and Time

This is a clock (I took the hands off to scan it). It is Acrylic painted on wood and has stones for the numbers and a fake crystal in his hands. It is roughly 8 x 5. Still available $50.

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Strange Delights (9)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

After his encounter in the Miller crypt with Valantene, Joshua finds it very hard to live a normal life. How can he continue having a sexual relationship with such a strange being? He enjoys the physical part and is intrigued by the very fact that Valantene is a real Vampyre but it seems so unreal and unnatural to be involved with such a creature.

One week after finding out the truth about his dream lover, he goes to the Miller crypt to tell Valantene he can't keep this secret relationship up any longer.

"I'm sorry Valantene, I just can't keep seeing you." "I hope you won't be mad but I don't know how to deal with what you are."

"My love, you do not have to fear me, I have said I mean you no harm." "Do you wish me to erase my memory from your mind?" "I can." The Vampyre said, staring into the boys eyes, already starting to put him into a trance state.

"No!" Exclaimed Joshua as he jerked his gaze from the red eyes of his lover. "I mean, I don't want to forget you ever." "I don't know you really so I get frightened of what you might do, but I enjoy being with you."

"Would you like to know me better?" "We have been so intimate physically and yet it is true we do not know each others hearts." Valantene said hoping that this boy would not turn him away. It had been so long since he had a true companion he hardly remembered the last one.

"I think I would like to know you better, but I can't keep coming here at night." "Even after what you did to the grounds keeper, I don't think it's very safe."

"There is a cellar under your home is there not?" The Vampyre inquired with a grin.

A little confused by this question, Joshua nodded his head yes.

"Does your family go there often?"

Again Joshua nods, only this time the answer is negative.

"Could you go there at night if I slept in your cellar?" "And could you keep me safe during the daylight hours, keeping all from my resting place?"

To both of these Joshua answered that he thought he could. And so together the two lovers went to Joshua's house and explored the cellar for a safe, dark resting place for Valantene. In the right hand corner of the cellar was an old coal bin, made of brick and unused for years, it seemed ideal for the Vampyres needs. Its wooden door, though old and rotting, still closed well enough to keep out the little sun that came into the cellar. So as the sun rose, Valantene went to sleep in the old coal bin, under the very house where his young lover lived.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Strange Delights (8)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)


Darkness was coming, Valantene could feel it. He could also feel the presence of one whom he had fed from. As he began to come more awake he was somewhat surprised to sense that it was the boy he had been with the night before. Knowing that it would be another half hour before he could rise he wondered if the boy would stay until he emerged from his stone bed. He could feel the confusion and excitement the young man felt as he stood in the darkening vault.

As the sun went below the horizon the Vampyre's full strength returned to him. Slowly he moved the marble lid under which he lay and rose to his feet to stand before the youth. His skin, white as the moon, seemingly glowed in the dark crypt. The boy before him seemed not at all surprised at the vision before him.

"So, you come to me now?" Valantene whispered almost to himself.

"What are you?" "Who are you?" Joshua, seemingly only now coming to his senses, asked the apparition.

"I do not think you will believe me a dream now so I will answer your questions." The Vampyre said. "I am, your lover." "I am Wurwolaka, in your language Vampyre, one who lives from the blood of others." "My name is Valantene Maddrusa, my people are gypsies."

"Are you going to kill me ?" The youth asked in a unsteady voice.

"No my dear one !" "Why would I do such a thing ?" "You are so warm and giving, you nourish me and I give you pleasure, do I not?" Valantene replied, using his most soothing voice to calm the boy.

Joshua seemed to relax as the beautiful dark haired Vampyre stepped from his borrowed sarcophagus and moved slowly towards him, nude and erect.

"Would you like to be pleasured now ?" Valantene asked while gently stroking the front of the youths pants. "We need not do what we have done before." "If you wish, I know of many ways to give pleasure." "You could drink from my loins, or perhaps you would like to be inside me, here." So saying the Vampyre turned his back to the excited young man and bent to display his smooth buttocks.

His hormones over came his fear and uncertainty. And despite his surroundings, Joshua removes his clothes and moves near the pale posterior presented to him. Never having had this kind of sex before he was slow and hesitant. The round firm buttocks, so white and smooth before him, made his heart beat faster than he thought possible, and his mouth water. Valantene, being much more experience, purred encouragement to his young lover and bent further forward exposing the rosebud of his anus and guided the boys erection to its intimate target. Moving with gentleness and care, Joshua pressed his painfully hard six inches into the body before him and slowly began to thrust and retreat in the timeless dance of sex. As the two lovers are carried away by passion, their groans and cries of ecstasy echo off the stone walls of the crypt.


In all his 20 years as caretaker, Buck Meyer had heard and seen things in the cemetery that others would find hard to believe. But hearing the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking coming from the Miller crypt surprised even him. As he did every day he was making his rounds through the cemetery at sunset to make sure no one got locked in when he closed the gates. As he passed the Miller crypt he heard the sounds. "Weird place to make out." He thought with disgust and a little envy. Hoping to get an eyeful before interrupting the lovers, he very carefully went to the crypt door. Peering into the gloom he saw two naked figures, one was a skinny boy with light brown hair who's bare butt was humping back and forth as he thrust into his partner. At first he thought that the other was a very pale girl, the slight figure and long black hair looked feminine to him. But as the couple moved he saw that the one with the white skin and long hair had a small but very hard penis. "Disgusting perverts." How could they do that, and in a cemetery? Buck never had much use for queers, but he watched the boys until they both came, 10 minutes later.

"What do you think your doin?!" Buck yelled hoping to really throw a scare into the boys. "You two perverts ought to be ashamed of yourselves, doing that in a cemetery!"

Buck was happy to see that the brown haired boy looked pretty scared and might even have run out of the crypt stark naked if the caretaker hadn't been blocking the only way out. But Buck was in for a scare of his own, when he looked at the black haired boy to see how much of a fright he'd been thrown into. His eyes couldn't seem to focus on the boy and then suddenly the boy was gone and a snarling black wolf was coming at him. Its eyes, strangely red, glared into his and he felt himself being drawn into them. It was as if he was falling into a well of blood, deeper and deeper into those eyes he fell until after what seemed an eternity, the red turned to black and he lost consciousness.

Joshua looked at the middle aged man who lay on the cold stone floor before him and then at Valantene. "What happened to him?" He asked confused as to what he had seen.

"He will be fine, his mind could not accept that which he saw."

"Will he tell on us when he comes to?" The frightened teen inquired nervously.

"He will tell no one, he will not remember seeing us here. I may have to find a new place to rest soon, but for now we are both safe." The Vampyre said as he lifted the caretaker as if he were a doll and began to carry him from the crypt. With the much larger man slung over his childlike naked shoulders, Valantene almost effortlessly moved the unconscious caretaker from his borrowed bed chamber to the metal shed that served as a storage place for the cemeteries maintenance equipment. Once inside, he laid the limp body of Buck Meyer over the seat of the large riding mower that sat in the middle of the sheds cluttered interior. Not able to resist a small bit of mischief, Valantene decided to arrange the man in a more interesting pose before

The next morning when Erin McKelvey came to work he was surprised to find the cemetery gates wide open. In the three years he had worked for Buck Meyer, he had never seen the gates open so early. Buck usually didn't get to work till 10:00 or later and as Erin checked his watch for the third time in as many minutes he noted that it was only 7:00. Still wondering what was going on with his boss, the 20 year old assistant grounds keeper was in for a bigger shock when he opened the doors to the storage shed.

As he entered the small metal building, he was greeted by a bizarre sight. His boss lay face down over the seat of the John Deer mower his buttocks facing the door. Buck Meyer was naked from the waist down and between his legs there appeared to be a large red stain. Fearing that his boss was injured, Erin quickly rushed to the older man. As he got closer, he could see that it wasn't a red stain at all. There between the legs of Buck Meyer was a large red ribbon tied neatly in a bow around the man's genitalia.

First for 2010

I finished my first picture for the new year but it is scroll for the SCA that will be given at the end of the month, so I can't post it yet :(

Here is a small detail from it, 4 x 7 Acrylic on Velum.

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Related Scene

This drawing is sort of a scene related to part 6 of my story post. It shows Valantene approaching a farm house at night. "Valantene Night Visit", 8 1/2 x 11 marker on Bristol paper.

Strange Delights (7)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

As he lay beneath his blanket of marble in his borrowed bed,
Valantene dreamt. In over a hundred years, he could remember this
happening only on the rarest of occasions.

In his dream he was human again, living in a small town and
dreaming of pleasure. A man in fine clothes sat on his bed and
fondled him much to the delight of both. The man was very pale
and the fingers that danced over his erection were cool against
his hot flesh. As his passion began to peak he was no longer a
boy but now he ran through the undergrowth of a forest on all
fours. He could smell the damp earth, the dozens of different
plants he ran through and over. In his lupine nostrils he also
had the scent of blood, hot human blood. Fast on the heels of a
running man, closer he came and as he sprang for the kill he
found himself flying on leather wings, sending out waves of sound
that told him where he should go. Bat wings beat on the air as a
racing heart, faster and faster. High into the clear night sky he
went, feeling the wind blow through his fur, seeing things in
sound images no human can imagine. Up he went, up till he could
almost touch the full moon that now threatened to blind his small
sensitive eyes. As his world became filled with this light,
Valantene awoke in the throws of orgasm.


Awaking late in the morning, nude and cold, Joshua Shelly
remembered well his dream of the night before. Despite the
illogic of it, he found he could not believe that it had only
been a dream. There were to many clear details that he could
recall and his state of undress as well as the puncture wounds he
found on his penis were proof that it was real.

Who was the strange pale boy who somehow got into his room
unnoticed and whose sexual appetite seemed far in advance of
others his age. Joshua wished he could talk to someone about all
this. He used to be able to talk to his mother about almost
everything but this was not something he could ask her about. She
didn't know about his growing conviction that he was gay. His
encounters with the pale youth had only confirmed in his heart
and mind that his true sexual feelings were for other males.
Since his parents had always told him that who ever he loved was
fine with them and since they had gay friends who where accepted
by the family, Joshua knew that this would not be a problem for
his parents. But it was still hard for any 16 year old boy to
discuss his sexual activities with his mother. And considering
the strangeness of his lover and the exact nature of the sex they
had, Joshua could not even consider talking to her about it.

Needing to think, the troubled youth decided to take a walk. He
often walked to help him make a decision or to clear his mind. In
the late afternoon, Joshua found himself in the City Cemetery
standing in front of the Miller Mausoleum. He couldn't remember
planning to go there or why he had been drawn to this crypt in
particular. The ornate carvings on its front, the winged
hourglass and the fact that it was built into a hill all made it
attractive to him. He had a strong urge to enter this crypt. In
all his many visits to the Cemetery, Despite his strong
curiosity, he had never dared enter one of the burial chambers.
Touching the highly decorated gothic style bronze doors, Joshua
found that the Mausoleum was open. As the evening began to take
hold of the day, the metal doors swung silently inward and the
boy entered the realm of the dead.

Strange Delights (6)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)

It had been three days since his encounter with Joshua, Valantene was still perplexed by his uninvited entry into the boys home. He searched his memories for anything that would help him solve this mystery. He had visited this town before, almost 80 years ago. He could remember it as it was then, barely a village. There were only a few buildings and dirt roads, the cemetery was new having only the simple graves of one family who had all died when fire destroyed their home.

He knew these people, they where the first who had fed his hunger in this town. The young man who was the brother of the head of this family had given himself to Valantene on his second night there. They had met on the dark road on a clear Fall night and Valantene had easily seduced the youth. Being new in a small town in the early 1900's and having no sexual outlet made him ripe for the advances of the Vampyre.

Over the course of that Fall and Winter, Valantene and the young man had satisfied each others needs. Valantene had even visited the families home several times and tasted the sweet nourishment of the 10 year old son of the family. All was well for the Vampyre and his victims did not suffer from his attentions as he was always careful never to take more blood than they could afford to lose.

Valantene had become to comfortable with his life in this sleepy town and so was not aware of the danger he was in until disaster struck. Several men in the town had become suspicious of the strange figure they had seen visiting the family. Having spied for weeks on Valantene's comings and goings, they were sure that the family were devil worshipers and that Valantene was a demon. In fear and ignorance these men decided to burn the witches and so set fire to the house with all inside. When others in the town learned what was happening they tried to save the family but it was to late, they all died in the fire.

The men who committed this crime were never brought to justice, though several of them did die mysteriously several weeks later. They had all been found drained of blood and missing their

The remaining townspeople had buried the burned family in what would later become the town's cemetery.

Surely the house where his prey lived could not have been standing in the days when Valantene had first visited this town. He was sure that he had never been in that house before. The mystery still remained unsolved.

Needing to feed and wanting to see if he could again enter the house without an invitation, Valantene again visited his young victim.

Arriving outside the house near midnight, he felt that all inside slept and so it was safe to attempt to enter unnoticed. With but the merest thought, the Vampyre's solid form became a fine mist. As such he filtered through the narrow space between window and sill. Becoming solid again at the foot of the boy's bed he felt an odd discomfort. Was it from entering the house uninvited or something else? As Valantene pondered his unease, the boy in the
bed sat up!


Troubled by disturbing dreams, Joshua awoke suddenly to find the boy from his dreams standing at the foot of his bed.

"Who are you?!" The startled boy asked the pale figure before him.

"You name me for is this not your dream?" Valantene whispered hoping the sleepy youth would not realize he was real.

"I'm not dreaming. Am I?" "I've seen you in my dreams before but this is real, isn't it?"

"If this is real, how did I come to be in your home and dressed so?" The all but nude Vampyre said softly while shifting his cape to show his bare body to the boy.

"I'm not sure. I mean I don't know."

"If I am not a dream then why am I here?" "Is it not to please you? To relieve your sexual tensions?" Even as he spoke, the Vampyre pulled the covers from the boys lap and began to fondle the quickly rising penis. "Is this not your fantasy, your dream?" So saying Valantene leaned forward and took Joshua's now stiff penis into his mouth.

Feeling the pleasure of the oral manipulation, Joshua began to believe that this was a dream. It must be because never in real life had he felt such ecstasy. Surrendering to the feelings,
satisfaction then sleep overcomes the teen.

After Joshua's orgasm and Valantene's feeding, both youth and Vampyre slept till nearly dawn. Just minutes before sun rise Valantene awoke and slipped from his human lovers arms. Returning to his bed of stone in the Miller Crypt, he slipped into the tomb just seconds before the first rays of the sun touched the ornate face of the mausoleum.

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Story Posting??

OK, I have been posting a section a day of my "Strange Delights" story on here mostly for those who could not open the link to the whole thing that I posted earlier. Since at least one person who said he could not get to that link now has and doesn't need me to post it page by page any more should I continue to do so?
If I don't hear from anyone saying they need/want it posted page by page I will stop as of yesterdays post! If anyone needs/wants to read it in the page by page format on here, I will continue doing it.

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Strange Delights (5)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)


Valantene had fed, he knew that the boy would wake remembering only the most intense sexual dream of his young life. He tried to be very careful but the boy's penis would be tender for a few days. The blood he had drawn from it was rich and warming. The semen mixed with it to make a true elixir of the gods. This was a treat Valantene would have to try again. Most of his other victims lost their erection while he fed from it and never came.

Now that he had fed and his passion cooled, Valantene realized that he had entered the house without an invitation. He had never done this before, he had tried and failed many times. There had to be some explanation, he would have to try very hard to remember every detail of how it happened so he could do it again. He was relieved that this boy showed no signs of trouble after

the feeding. The young man who had died on him had caused him great distress, he never killed unless it was absolutely necessary. The feeding had gone fine until he had tried to stop, then as he drew his mouth from his victim, the blood would not stop flowing. Almost immediately he had realized his mistake. The man was a hemophiliac and nothing Valantene could do was going to stop the flow once it was so well started. He thanked the Gods that this boy showed no sign of bleeding after the feeding. Hopefully he could return again to this boys bedroom for more liquid protein, in both forms. As the boy began to stir, Valantene became a fine mist and flowed out through the window just as he had entered.


Waking in the wee hours of the morning a little cold and somewhat stiff from sleeping in a chair, Joshua stood to go to bed and nearly fell over. Steadying himself he walked carefully to his bed where he crawled under the covers and fell back into a deep sleep.

When the sun finally shone trough his window he awoke with his usual morning erection only this morning it seemed to be very tender. He went to the bathroom and relieved himself carefully. This done, his penis now back to its flaccid state, he carefully examined it to see why it was so tender. Lifting it gently he turned it around in his hand looking all along its length. Careful not to arose himself, he stretched his penis out so that he could see the skin surface more clearly. Just under the head on the right side, he noticed a small dark spot, it looked like a tiny scab. As he was carefully studying this he saw another spot about two inches lower than the first. Looking closer he discovered that it was exactly the same as the first spot. This frightened and puzzled him, how could he have injured himself like that, he couldn't imagine. He vaguely remembered a very hot dream of someone sucking his penis but not much else. Red eyes, they were in the dream too. Joshua carefully put on his underwear after an equally careful shower.

Two days later, now totally healed, Joshua forgot all about his strange erotic dream and the marks on his penis.


Rare Erotica

This is NOT related to my "Strange Delights" story but it does have an erotic vampyre theme and so I thought this might be a good time to post it. Many consider any of my nudes and some of my non nudes to be "erotic". I do not! I have very very few actual erotic pictures I have done. This is one of those rare ones! When it was first done it was very popular! "Dark Ecstasy", 8 1/2 x 11 (I think), marker on paper.

Strange Delights (4)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)
As Valantene approached the house, he was aware of its now solitary occupant. It was the boy he was seeking, alone and half asleep. Peering through the bedroom window he at first did not see his prey. The bed, off in the far corner was unmade but empty. A slight movement caught his eye and there, protruding from a large old chair, was the naked lower half of the object of his visit. From his vantage point, he could see the chair from its right side and because of this, only the legs and lower torso of the dozing youth. His hunger and passion was stirred to near fever pitch by what he saw. For not only did the boy appear nude but standing straight up from his groin was a beautiful young phallus, stiff and with every heartbeat alive with blood.
Somewhere music played, he could hear the words "constant craving" surrounded by a melancholy tune. "Constant craving", how appropriate. His mind wandered, he tried to think back to a time when he did not have this hunger, this constant craving. Back when the night was not his only companion. He could almost remember that time, how the sun felt on his skin, how the taste of... the taste. The taste of the rich warm life that flowed in the veins of the boy he now stood before.
Unconsciously, Valantene had gone from solid to mist and in a blink he had flowed through the crack in the window frame and into the boys room. Now in solid form again, he stood, still as stone looking down on the sleeping boy.
Joshua was dreaming, he had slipped into sleep while thinking of the face he had seen at his window and now that face loomed over his quivering body. He had had erotic dreams before but most were vague, he never really knew who he was being pleasured by. Male or female, man, boy, girl, woman, he was never sure. This dream was different, it was so vivid. The boy who now stroked his body was very pale and cold. Except for what appeared to be a blanket around his shoulders, this boy was naked. "He must not be very old", Joshua thought "maybe 13 or 14". He had almost no pubic hair and seemed almost feminine with his delicate face and long hair. His eyes were red, bright, burning red. They stared into Joshua's so intently and sensuously that they made his penis stiffen even more. The hunger in those eyes was like a well, Joshua was falling into them and he loved it. Abandoning himself to the pleasure he was feeling he exploded nearly as soon as he felt the wet mouth on his penis. As he came, he felt as if more than just his semen was being drawn from him. The pleasure was almost painful, it was so intense. In his dream, Joshua slipped into darkness.

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Do Gay Androids Dream of Electric Men?

Way back in 1992 or 3 (I forget which) I was Artist Guest of Honor for Gaylaxicon which was held in the DC area. It was a great con for me but it was a chore doing the con book and T-shirt design. Lets just say all my work seemed to be too "Gay" for them...
This is a picture I had already done and that I fell back on as a cover/shirt idea. They loved it and it looked great on the shirts!
I forget what inspired it but I know that the hairlike tubes is based on how I drew hair back when I was in High School (less tube like but every strand defined and somewhat tangled looking). For this post I put a black background around the picture, in the original the inner circles are all that are defined not the outer edge next to the black outer part shown here. "Android". 8 1/2 x 11 marker on paper.

Strange Delights (3)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, All rights reserved)
The death of the young man would complicate things. He had not intended to kill, but the man's condition was not detected until it was to late. Valantene would never have taken him had he known of this condition. The death could raise suspicions and make it too dangerous for him to remain in this town. He would have to seek new hunting grounds soon.
"I am a fool !" he thought to himself. "This town has so much that I could savor, young lives full of energy and strength. Why did I have to let beauty blind me to an affliction I should have seen?"
Chastising himself did no good nor did it help him to feel any better. It did however keep his mind off of the hunger he was now beginning to feel. For the moment, at least.
He would have to hunt again, and soon. He wondered if the boy he had seen through a window short weeks ago might be a good lover. He looked as though his youthful juices were ripe for the tasting. Maybe he would go back to that window and look in on the boy with the green and distant eyes.
Midnight, and Joshua sits in his room. His parents have gone away for the weekend and for the first time in weeks he has total privacy. Wearing only his robe, he relaxes in his favorite chair. Large and over stuffed, threadbare and nearly worn out, the old chair would have been thrown out years ago if his mother had gotten her way. Joshua fought to keep it and so it had become a permanent fixture in his room.
Nearly nodding off, his mind went back to the face he thought he had seen outside his window almost two weeks before. That face, was it real or had the whole thing been just part of his over active imagination? Those eyes were so real, it couldn't have been just his imagination.
Between sleep and waking, Joshua sprawled in his comfortable chair. His robe, never tied, lay open revealing his thin but well developed body. A slash of pale flesh trailing from his face to his feet.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strange Delights (2)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)


Light and dark, the play of shadow danced across the yards of the sleeping town.

The City Cemetery, dating back to the Civil War sat at the center of town surrounded now by homes of the living, homes newly built. One mausoleum built partially into a hill stood in all its

mournful marble glory looking down on the small, frail figure that now walked thru its doors. Above the door, in raised letters carved over a gothic circle, holding a winged hourglass was the

name "MILLER". The boy who now entered this tomb was not of that family. If this had been his true resting place it would have read "MADDRUSA", it was not his true resting place, just one of many he had temporarily used over the many years. He had found this one only a few nights ago and was pleased that one of the crypts was empty. Well, there was some dust that had been its inhabitant but that was better than those he sometimes found. Occupants never seemed to mind being evicted but those rotting corpses were never pleasant to move, or dispose of.

Letting his blue-black cloak fall from his shoulders and pool about him, the boy, now nude, sat motionless on the carved marble that would be his blanket. If there had been anyone to see this, they would have thought only that the tomb held an exquisite sculpture. For the body matched the marble in color and in lifelessness. Only the red eyes and long black hair seemed alive in this place of the dead. As the sun rose the winter cold blew through an empty, statueless mausoleum.



It had been 2 days since Joshua saw the strange face in his window. Most of the snow had melted and everything looked grey and barren. Dead trees reached into the grey clouded sky and under his feet mud and dead grass covered the ground. Out for a walk alone, Joshua found himself near the old cemetery. He had always like graveyards, the carved stones and mausoleums were beautiful to him. Others thought this was a morbid fascination but that wasn't it at all. The stones had life, they were works of art, things to be seen and touched.

As Joshua approached the gates to the cemetery he noticed that a funeral was going on. Several people in black stood near the new grave talking quietly. One of the people nearest him turned in

his direction and he recognized them as one of the Miller family. They lived just down the street from him, five or six houses away at the most. The death must have been sudden because he hadn't been aware of anyone in that family being ill lately. His mother surely would have mentioned it since she and Mrs. Miller were friends. He wondered who was in the grave.

It was nearly supper time so he left the cemetery behind him and headed home. He would have to ask his mother if she knew who the funeral was for.

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Monday, January 4, 2010


I have decided to try and post my story in short segments as it is a real pain to copy and past it to this page (I am sure there must be an easier way but I can't figure it out).
Strange Delights
copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved
Three in the morning, the cold winter wind sang in the dark as if alive. Shadows from the moon spread across the snow in shapes born of distant times and nightmare thoughts. It was the time of the timeless hunters, those who seek life's most precious gift. The small form seemed to materialize out of shadow into real. Black hair, like strands of night flowed around the shoulders barely seen under their dark cloaked cover. Silently this solid shadow passed into the light thrown onto the snow by some sleepless humans flickering television.
Sleep seemed to be out of the question, nothing on TV but bad old movies and rock videos. Feeling like life was really not all it's cracked up to be Joshua Shelly sat staring at another mindless Guns & Roses video. He hated their music and their videos but nothing else was on. Thank God for the mute button he thought as he stared at the silent screen.
At 16 he was bored with everything, being someone others considered a genius didn't help. No one his age ever wanted to be friends with him and grown-ups only thought of him as a smart kid, not someone to talk to or be friends with.
The gyrating women on the silent screen were not holding his attention, so Joshua began to wander around his small bedroom. Finding himself in front of the window he looked out on the frozen landscape. His own face stared back at him reflected in the glass, pale and thin. Looking into his reflected eyes he was surprised to see a hint of red. His gaze became very intent as he tried to see this odd coloration more clearly. Suddenly he began to notice differences in the face, it was smaller and more angular than his, the eyes were somewhat slanted and larger than his own. Then the wind blew a long wisp of dark hair across the face in the glass.
"Josh!", "Joshua!" At the sound of his mothers voice, Joshua jumped as if struck. He spun around to see his mother standing in his doorway. Her diminutive round body wrapped in a fraying pink bathrobe, a look of concern on her face.
"Jill", "What's wrong?" Joshua had never called his parents mom and dad, he didn't know why.
"Honey, I just saw your light on and thought I'd see why you were still up." "Are you feeling alright?" "You look pale."
"Sorry Jill, I just couldn't sleep, I'm OK." "I'll go to bed in a little while, good night." He crossed the small room and kissed his mother on the cheek. She smiled, nodded and went off to bed again.
Joshua quickly went back to his window, the face was gone. Only his own green eyes stared back at him. Outside the wind sang.

Vampyre Work

Someday I hope to do an illustrated version of my Vampyre story. I have done about a dozen black and whites of my character and this is one that I somehow never scanned or copied. This is from 1996. I was trying to get the flowing cloak/cloth to look right and wanted to do allot of bats for some reason. "Valentene Twilight Exodus", 8 1/2 x 11 Micron marker on Illustration board.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Coloring

Well the first actual new picture for this year will almost certainly be a scroll for the SCA. It is started and has to be done before the end of the month. But I am being drawn (no pun intended) to color some of my older black and white pictures. This is one of the Mermen pictures I did for the as yet unprinted and unfinished Merman book I planed several years back.

"Shark Dance", 8 1/2 x 11, Acrylic and Copic marker on cardstock print.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Pic for New Year

Many years ago I did stationary designs and sold them. This was one I did and used as a title page in my first book "Manmagic" (now out of print). I got it out and colored the original (which was a black and white) and added the central background so that I could use this as the back of my new book "Fey Folk". "Elf Woods", 8 1/2 x 11, ink, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil.