Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strange Delights (10)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

Sitting in the dark and dusty cellar, surrounded by long neglected objects of human life, Valantene decided to tell his young lover something of his past. Two days had passed since he had moved in to his new home and all seemed well.

"I can no longer easily remember the Day. The sun is but a distant feeling of warmth and a smell that can not be described. I became as you see me in my fourteenth year, in the area then called Transylvania near Wallachia. My people had traveled those lands for hundreds of years and though many accepted us many more did not. Because of this, we never stayed in one place long unless we had a Royal sponsor who made use of our special abilities and appreciated our skills. We had such sponsorship at this time and so were more settled than usual. Some of us had even built huts to live in, our wagons not needed for everyday use. My family were among those who chose to live in one place for a time.

His Highness Alexander Mircea, known as Alexander II, was then Prince of Wallachia and unlike several of those who ruled before him, he saw us as useful members of his populous. My people's skill at woodworking and with animals, as well as our gifts of prophesy, were much used and appreciated. The Prince was a generous patron and life was good for awhile.

One day, not long after the beginning of my 14th year, a nobleman from the Prince's court came to our village. He was tall and pale, his dark eyes seemed to see through to your soul. His name was Lord Mihnea and he had come to talk with our Visionaries. He had been cursed, he said, and needed our help.

Many of our young women found this noble very attractive and did much to attract his attention. Some danced around the fires at night to stir his passions, others cooked dishes designed to please the palate and inflame the loins. Nothing they did seemed to please this strange man. Some of the young men who were not interested in women, thought that maybe they would be more to this eccentric Lords liking. Not one found favor in his dark eyes.

Then on the third night of his stay in our camp, I found myself troubled by strange erotic dreams. Or so I first thought, until I awoke to find Lord Mihnea kneeling beside my bed, his lips around my ridged four inch member. Though surprised to be awakened in this manner, I could not deny the pleasure I was feeling and so I lay still allowing this strange man to have his way with me."

At this Joshua made a small sound as if startled and his face held a look of shock. Anticipating the boy's thoughts, Valantene continued with an explanation.

"I know that in this time and place such behavior, especially between a man and a boy, is forbidden and shocking. But in that time and place such behavior was not so surprising and when it was a nobleman and a peasant boy, the boy was expected to accept and even be flattered by such attentions. Being one who had long known that his affections were for other boys, I had no misgivings about being the object of a man's desires. I was even flattered that this handsome Lord had chosen to bestow his affection on me of all those he could have taken.

As Lord Mihnea continued his oral attentions I could feel myself climax. I had only just begun to produce fluid from my member in the year before and I had never had anyone draw it from me in this manner. As I released my seed it felt as though my soul was being drawn out of my body and into that hot mouth. The pain and pleasure became so intense that I fell into darkness becoming unconscious. When I awoke, Lord Mihnea had gone. My now spent member was very tender and after some examination of it I found two puncture marks, much like those you have found on your own. I had no idea what this could mean but I was to learn after several repeated visits in the night from this strange man that he was far stranger than any of my people would have imagined.

The curse that he feared was full on him by now. He no longer appeared to us in the daylight, his complexion took on a pallor not natural to men and his eyes now held a hint of red." At this Valantene paused, a sad smile on his face. Memories were often bittersweet to one who lived so long.

"Will I become a Vampyre now? If you became one because Lord Mihnea bit you then..." Joshua stopped, afraid to hear the answer to a question he only now realized should have been asked long before.

"Do not fear my love, it is not so easy to become as I." Valantene replied, putting his arm around his human companion's slightly shaking shoulder.

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