Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strange Delights (4)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)
As Valantene approached the house, he was aware of its now solitary occupant. It was the boy he was seeking, alone and half asleep. Peering through the bedroom window he at first did not see his prey. The bed, off in the far corner was unmade but empty. A slight movement caught his eye and there, protruding from a large old chair, was the naked lower half of the object of his visit. From his vantage point, he could see the chair from its right side and because of this, only the legs and lower torso of the dozing youth. His hunger and passion was stirred to near fever pitch by what he saw. For not only did the boy appear nude but standing straight up from his groin was a beautiful young phallus, stiff and with every heartbeat alive with blood.
Somewhere music played, he could hear the words "constant craving" surrounded by a melancholy tune. "Constant craving", how appropriate. His mind wandered, he tried to think back to a time when he did not have this hunger, this constant craving. Back when the night was not his only companion. He could almost remember that time, how the sun felt on his skin, how the taste of... the taste. The taste of the rich warm life that flowed in the veins of the boy he now stood before.
Unconsciously, Valantene had gone from solid to mist and in a blink he had flowed through the crack in the window frame and into the boys room. Now in solid form again, he stood, still as stone looking down on the sleeping boy.
Joshua was dreaming, he had slipped into sleep while thinking of the face he had seen at his window and now that face loomed over his quivering body. He had had erotic dreams before but most were vague, he never really knew who he was being pleasured by. Male or female, man, boy, girl, woman, he was never sure. This dream was different, it was so vivid. The boy who now stroked his body was very pale and cold. Except for what appeared to be a blanket around his shoulders, this boy was naked. "He must not be very old", Joshua thought "maybe 13 or 14". He had almost no pubic hair and seemed almost feminine with his delicate face and long hair. His eyes were red, bright, burning red. They stared into Joshua's so intently and sensuously that they made his penis stiffen even more. The hunger in those eyes was like a well, Joshua was falling into them and he loved it. Abandoning himself to the pleasure he was feeling he exploded nearly as soon as he felt the wet mouth on his penis. As he came, he felt as if more than just his semen was being drawn from him. The pleasure was almost painful, it was so intense. In his dream, Joshua slipped into darkness.


  1. Damn! that sent shivers down my spine, cant wait for the next one.

  2. I can finally open and read the whole thing now! I had to download a missing program to my labtop and now i can read it!:)

  3. Does this mean I should stop posting the daily pages?

  4. It up to you it was a great story and cant wait for you to finish it. I read the whole thing and its a great story.