Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strange Delights (5)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)


Valantene had fed, he knew that the boy would wake remembering only the most intense sexual dream of his young life. He tried to be very careful but the boy's penis would be tender for a few days. The blood he had drawn from it was rich and warming. The semen mixed with it to make a true elixir of the gods. This was a treat Valantene would have to try again. Most of his other victims lost their erection while he fed from it and never came.

Now that he had fed and his passion cooled, Valantene realized that he had entered the house without an invitation. He had never done this before, he had tried and failed many times. There had to be some explanation, he would have to try very hard to remember every detail of how it happened so he could do it again. He was relieved that this boy showed no signs of trouble after

the feeding. The young man who had died on him had caused him great distress, he never killed unless it was absolutely necessary. The feeding had gone fine until he had tried to stop, then as he drew his mouth from his victim, the blood would not stop flowing. Almost immediately he had realized his mistake. The man was a hemophiliac and nothing Valantene could do was going to stop the flow once it was so well started. He thanked the Gods that this boy showed no sign of bleeding after the feeding. Hopefully he could return again to this boys bedroom for more liquid protein, in both forms. As the boy began to stir, Valantene became a fine mist and flowed out through the window just as he had entered.


Waking in the wee hours of the morning a little cold and somewhat stiff from sleeping in a chair, Joshua stood to go to bed and nearly fell over. Steadying himself he walked carefully to his bed where he crawled under the covers and fell back into a deep sleep.

When the sun finally shone trough his window he awoke with his usual morning erection only this morning it seemed to be very tender. He went to the bathroom and relieved himself carefully. This done, his penis now back to its flaccid state, he carefully examined it to see why it was so tender. Lifting it gently he turned it around in his hand looking all along its length. Careful not to arose himself, he stretched his penis out so that he could see the skin surface more clearly. Just under the head on the right side, he noticed a small dark spot, it looked like a tiny scab. As he was carefully studying this he saw another spot about two inches lower than the first. Looking closer he discovered that it was exactly the same as the first spot. This frightened and puzzled him, how could he have injured himself like that, he couldn't imagine. He vaguely remembered a very hot dream of someone sucking his penis but not much else. Red eyes, they were in the dream too. Joshua carefully put on his underwear after an equally careful shower.

Two days later, now totally healed, Joshua forgot all about his strange erotic dream and the marks on his penis.


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