Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Strange Delights (3)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, All rights reserved)
The death of the young man would complicate things. He had not intended to kill, but the man's condition was not detected until it was to late. Valantene would never have taken him had he known of this condition. The death could raise suspicions and make it too dangerous for him to remain in this town. He would have to seek new hunting grounds soon.
"I am a fool !" he thought to himself. "This town has so much that I could savor, young lives full of energy and strength. Why did I have to let beauty blind me to an affliction I should have seen?"
Chastising himself did no good nor did it help him to feel any better. It did however keep his mind off of the hunger he was now beginning to feel. For the moment, at least.
He would have to hunt again, and soon. He wondered if the boy he had seen through a window short weeks ago might be a good lover. He looked as though his youthful juices were ripe for the tasting. Maybe he would go back to that window and look in on the boy with the green and distant eyes.
Midnight, and Joshua sits in his room. His parents have gone away for the weekend and for the first time in weeks he has total privacy. Wearing only his robe, he relaxes in his favorite chair. Large and over stuffed, threadbare and nearly worn out, the old chair would have been thrown out years ago if his mother had gotten her way. Joshua fought to keep it and so it had become a permanent fixture in his room.
Nearly nodding off, his mind went back to the face he thought he had seen outside his window almost two weeks before. That face, was it real or had the whole thing been just part of his over active imagination? Those eyes were so real, it couldn't have been just his imagination.
Between sleep and waking, Joshua sprawled in his comfortable chair. His robe, never tied, lay open revealing his thin but well developed body. A slash of pale flesh trailing from his face to his feet.

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