Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lost Follower??

I could have sworn I had 29 followers! I was hoping to have 30 sometime this year but now I am down by one?? I hope it isn't because of my story. If anyone likes or dislikes me posting it, let me know!!

On another note, while I like blogspot overall, I really am getting annoyed that I can't get to any other blogs with my "next blog" button. I have for the past week now, only been able to get 2 other blogs with that button, the same 2 over and over!! I have tried everything to get an answer and or help from blogspot! NOTHING has been answered or done.


  1. I still here Tristan and I always checking you blog once if not twice a day. If dont alway comment I'm sorry. My next blog works but for a while I was having problems with mine not doing things but I just left it alone. Try sign out and back in and see if that will work. If not try viewing one of your followrs page and click the link at the top that may work.

  2. You did have 29 follower, I seen them the other day your right one disappered.

  3. Thanks Andy! You are one of the few who comment regularly. I appreciate it!!