Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strange Delights (6)

(copyright Tristan Alexander, all rights reserved)

It had been three days since his encounter with Joshua, Valantene was still perplexed by his uninvited entry into the boys home. He searched his memories for anything that would help him solve this mystery. He had visited this town before, almost 80 years ago. He could remember it as it was then, barely a village. There were only a few buildings and dirt roads, the cemetery was new having only the simple graves of one family who had all died when fire destroyed their home.

He knew these people, they where the first who had fed his hunger in this town. The young man who was the brother of the head of this family had given himself to Valantene on his second night there. They had met on the dark road on a clear Fall night and Valantene had easily seduced the youth. Being new in a small town in the early 1900's and having no sexual outlet made him ripe for the advances of the Vampyre.

Over the course of that Fall and Winter, Valantene and the young man had satisfied each others needs. Valantene had even visited the families home several times and tasted the sweet nourishment of the 10 year old son of the family. All was well for the Vampyre and his victims did not suffer from his attentions as he was always careful never to take more blood than they could afford to lose.

Valantene had become to comfortable with his life in this sleepy town and so was not aware of the danger he was in until disaster struck. Several men in the town had become suspicious of the strange figure they had seen visiting the family. Having spied for weeks on Valantene's comings and goings, they were sure that the family were devil worshipers and that Valantene was a demon. In fear and ignorance these men decided to burn the witches and so set fire to the house with all inside. When others in the town learned what was happening they tried to save the family but it was to late, they all died in the fire.

The men who committed this crime were never brought to justice, though several of them did die mysteriously several weeks later. They had all been found drained of blood and missing their

The remaining townspeople had buried the burned family in what would later become the town's cemetery.

Surely the house where his prey lived could not have been standing in the days when Valantene had first visited this town. He was sure that he had never been in that house before. The mystery still remained unsolved.

Needing to feed and wanting to see if he could again enter the house without an invitation, Valantene again visited his young victim.

Arriving outside the house near midnight, he felt that all inside slept and so it was safe to attempt to enter unnoticed. With but the merest thought, the Vampyre's solid form became a fine mist. As such he filtered through the narrow space between window and sill. Becoming solid again at the foot of the boy's bed he felt an odd discomfort. Was it from entering the house uninvited or something else? As Valantene pondered his unease, the boy in the
bed sat up!


Troubled by disturbing dreams, Joshua awoke suddenly to find the boy from his dreams standing at the foot of his bed.

"Who are you?!" The startled boy asked the pale figure before him.

"You name me for is this not your dream?" Valantene whispered hoping the sleepy youth would not realize he was real.

"I'm not dreaming. Am I?" "I've seen you in my dreams before but this is real, isn't it?"

"If this is real, how did I come to be in your home and dressed so?" The all but nude Vampyre said softly while shifting his cape to show his bare body to the boy.

"I'm not sure. I mean I don't know."

"If I am not a dream then why am I here?" "Is it not to please you? To relieve your sexual tensions?" Even as he spoke, the Vampyre pulled the covers from the boys lap and began to fondle the quickly rising penis. "Is this not your fantasy, your dream?" So saying Valantene leaned forward and took Joshua's now stiff penis into his mouth.

Feeling the pleasure of the oral manipulation, Joshua began to believe that this was a dream. It must be because never in real life had he felt such ecstasy. Surrendering to the feelings,
satisfaction then sleep overcomes the teen.

After Joshua's orgasm and Valantene's feeding, both youth and Vampyre slept till nearly dawn. Just minutes before sun rise Valantene awoke and slipped from his human lovers arms. Returning to his bed of stone in the Miller Crypt, he slipped into the tomb just seconds before the first rays of the sun touched the ornate face of the mausoleum.

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