Monday, January 11, 2010

Strange Delights (8)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)


Darkness was coming, Valantene could feel it. He could also feel the presence of one whom he had fed from. As he began to come more awake he was somewhat surprised to sense that it was the boy he had been with the night before. Knowing that it would be another half hour before he could rise he wondered if the boy would stay until he emerged from his stone bed. He could feel the confusion and excitement the young man felt as he stood in the darkening vault.

As the sun went below the horizon the Vampyre's full strength returned to him. Slowly he moved the marble lid under which he lay and rose to his feet to stand before the youth. His skin, white as the moon, seemingly glowed in the dark crypt. The boy before him seemed not at all surprised at the vision before him.

"So, you come to me now?" Valantene whispered almost to himself.

"What are you?" "Who are you?" Joshua, seemingly only now coming to his senses, asked the apparition.

"I do not think you will believe me a dream now so I will answer your questions." The Vampyre said. "I am, your lover." "I am Wurwolaka, in your language Vampyre, one who lives from the blood of others." "My name is Valantene Maddrusa, my people are gypsies."

"Are you going to kill me ?" The youth asked in a unsteady voice.

"No my dear one !" "Why would I do such a thing ?" "You are so warm and giving, you nourish me and I give you pleasure, do I not?" Valantene replied, using his most soothing voice to calm the boy.

Joshua seemed to relax as the beautiful dark haired Vampyre stepped from his borrowed sarcophagus and moved slowly towards him, nude and erect.

"Would you like to be pleasured now ?" Valantene asked while gently stroking the front of the youths pants. "We need not do what we have done before." "If you wish, I know of many ways to give pleasure." "You could drink from my loins, or perhaps you would like to be inside me, here." So saying the Vampyre turned his back to the excited young man and bent to display his smooth buttocks.

His hormones over came his fear and uncertainty. And despite his surroundings, Joshua removes his clothes and moves near the pale posterior presented to him. Never having had this kind of sex before he was slow and hesitant. The round firm buttocks, so white and smooth before him, made his heart beat faster than he thought possible, and his mouth water. Valantene, being much more experience, purred encouragement to his young lover and bent further forward exposing the rosebud of his anus and guided the boys erection to its intimate target. Moving with gentleness and care, Joshua pressed his painfully hard six inches into the body before him and slowly began to thrust and retreat in the timeless dance of sex. As the two lovers are carried away by passion, their groans and cries of ecstasy echo off the stone walls of the crypt.


In all his 20 years as caretaker, Buck Meyer had heard and seen things in the cemetery that others would find hard to believe. But hearing the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking coming from the Miller crypt surprised even him. As he did every day he was making his rounds through the cemetery at sunset to make sure no one got locked in when he closed the gates. As he passed the Miller crypt he heard the sounds. "Weird place to make out." He thought with disgust and a little envy. Hoping to get an eyeful before interrupting the lovers, he very carefully went to the crypt door. Peering into the gloom he saw two naked figures, one was a skinny boy with light brown hair who's bare butt was humping back and forth as he thrust into his partner. At first he thought that the other was a very pale girl, the slight figure and long black hair looked feminine to him. But as the couple moved he saw that the one with the white skin and long hair had a small but very hard penis. "Disgusting perverts." How could they do that, and in a cemetery? Buck never had much use for queers, but he watched the boys until they both came, 10 minutes later.

"What do you think your doin?!" Buck yelled hoping to really throw a scare into the boys. "You two perverts ought to be ashamed of yourselves, doing that in a cemetery!"

Buck was happy to see that the brown haired boy looked pretty scared and might even have run out of the crypt stark naked if the caretaker hadn't been blocking the only way out. But Buck was in for a scare of his own, when he looked at the black haired boy to see how much of a fright he'd been thrown into. His eyes couldn't seem to focus on the boy and then suddenly the boy was gone and a snarling black wolf was coming at him. Its eyes, strangely red, glared into his and he felt himself being drawn into them. It was as if he was falling into a well of blood, deeper and deeper into those eyes he fell until after what seemed an eternity, the red turned to black and he lost consciousness.

Joshua looked at the middle aged man who lay on the cold stone floor before him and then at Valantene. "What happened to him?" He asked confused as to what he had seen.

"He will be fine, his mind could not accept that which he saw."

"Will he tell on us when he comes to?" The frightened teen inquired nervously.

"He will tell no one, he will not remember seeing us here. I may have to find a new place to rest soon, but for now we are both safe." The Vampyre said as he lifted the caretaker as if he were a doll and began to carry him from the crypt. With the much larger man slung over his childlike naked shoulders, Valantene almost effortlessly moved the unconscious caretaker from his borrowed bed chamber to the metal shed that served as a storage place for the cemeteries maintenance equipment. Once inside, he laid the limp body of Buck Meyer over the seat of the large riding mower that sat in the middle of the sheds cluttered interior. Not able to resist a small bit of mischief, Valantene decided to arrange the man in a more interesting pose before

The next morning when Erin McKelvey came to work he was surprised to find the cemetery gates wide open. In the three years he had worked for Buck Meyer, he had never seen the gates open so early. Buck usually didn't get to work till 10:00 or later and as Erin checked his watch for the third time in as many minutes he noted that it was only 7:00. Still wondering what was going on with his boss, the 20 year old assistant grounds keeper was in for a bigger shock when he opened the doors to the storage shed.

As he entered the small metal building, he was greeted by a bizarre sight. His boss lay face down over the seat of the John Deer mower his buttocks facing the door. Buck Meyer was naked from the waist down and between his legs there appeared to be a large red stain. Fearing that his boss was injured, Erin quickly rushed to the older man. As he got closer, he could see that it wasn't a red stain at all. There between the legs of Buck Meyer was a large red ribbon tied neatly in a bow around the man's genitalia.

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