Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Valantene

I hope that in a few days I can post the newest picture I have done (it is still being worked on). But until then I have at least one more picture of my Vampyre, Valantene. This one has tons of detail and I both enjoyed doing it and as often happens with me, wondered why I started something with so much work in it! This is a large black and white, 11 x 14 done in Micron marker on Bristol paper. "Valantene at the Window".

1 comment:

  1. on behalf of Bigappleguy52;
    I can't let the week end without telling you that Valantene at the Window was among the most beautiful pieces you've ever done and therefore that i've ever seen.

    It is exquisite in its detail the complexity of its three profiles the intricate handiwork of the background elements yet the eye remains riveted to the central subject.
    (he sent this to me as an email and said he couldn't figure out how to post it here, so I am doing it for him. TA)