Friday, January 8, 2010

Story Posting??

OK, I have been posting a section a day of my "Strange Delights" story on here mostly for those who could not open the link to the whole thing that I posted earlier. Since at least one person who said he could not get to that link now has and doesn't need me to post it page by page any more should I continue to do so?
If I don't hear from anyone saying they need/want it posted page by page I will stop as of yesterdays post! If anyone needs/wants to read it in the page by page format on here, I will continue doing it.


  1. Tristan: I kind of like reading it here. Also this story would be perfect for you to work on as a graphic novel. You might not even need word balloons for the sequences you've posted here.

  2. Pyra, I guess I will continue posting the story for a while. As for the graphic novel idea, I would loive to try that but as you will see in the next posty, word bubbles would be needed!