Sunday, January 17, 2010

Complain Complain Complain

I feel like a whiner by complaining, but I really would like some regular feedback here. Masturbation is all well and fine but the mental/computer/Weble version just isn't my thing! It takes time and effort to post stuff here and I feel obligated to post if I have it up... So, while I would like to keep this Weble up and running, if I don't start getting more feedback/comments, I may close it down. Thanks to those few who have tried to comment regularly and I understand people get busy and can't always look at/read/comment but out of 28 people I would expect at least a couple comments in a week from someone!!


  1. Half of your stuff isn't Showing up for me?
    Several of your posting are listed on the side but not on main page, I have clicked on them to see the posting but it says error... I need to check computer settings again...