Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Strange Delights (9)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

After his encounter in the Miller crypt with Valantene, Joshua finds it very hard to live a normal life. How can he continue having a sexual relationship with such a strange being? He enjoys the physical part and is intrigued by the very fact that Valantene is a real Vampyre but it seems so unreal and unnatural to be involved with such a creature.

One week after finding out the truth about his dream lover, he goes to the Miller crypt to tell Valantene he can't keep this secret relationship up any longer.

"I'm sorry Valantene, I just can't keep seeing you." "I hope you won't be mad but I don't know how to deal with what you are."

"My love, you do not have to fear me, I have said I mean you no harm." "Do you wish me to erase my memory from your mind?" "I can." The Vampyre said, staring into the boys eyes, already starting to put him into a trance state.

"No!" Exclaimed Joshua as he jerked his gaze from the red eyes of his lover. "I mean, I don't want to forget you ever." "I don't know you really so I get frightened of what you might do, but I enjoy being with you."

"Would you like to know me better?" "We have been so intimate physically and yet it is true we do not know each others hearts." Valantene said hoping that this boy would not turn him away. It had been so long since he had a true companion he hardly remembered the last one.

"I think I would like to know you better, but I can't keep coming here at night." "Even after what you did to the grounds keeper, I don't think it's very safe."

"There is a cellar under your home is there not?" The Vampyre inquired with a grin.

A little confused by this question, Joshua nodded his head yes.

"Does your family go there often?"

Again Joshua nods, only this time the answer is negative.

"Could you go there at night if I slept in your cellar?" "And could you keep me safe during the daylight hours, keeping all from my resting place?"

To both of these Joshua answered that he thought he could. And so together the two lovers went to Joshua's house and explored the cellar for a safe, dark resting place for Valantene. In the right hand corner of the cellar was an old coal bin, made of brick and unused for years, it seemed ideal for the Vampyres needs. Its wooden door, though old and rotting, still closed well enough to keep out the little sun that came into the cellar. So as the sun rose, Valantene went to sleep in the old coal bin, under the very house where his young lover lived.


  1. I'm following this story but have a couple of editorial comments. You started the story in the past tense but just in the last section you switched to the present tense, and then back again. Why did you do that? It's a bit confusing.
    Also, I hope you will explain why Valantene can enter Joshua's house uninvited.
    I haven't read the whole thing at your other site, but the idea of hiding a vampire in the cellar of one's parents' house is asking for big trouble, unless you want to get rid of your parents.

  2. Well the tense change because some of it is being told from the present of the character and some is flashbacks, so is in the past. I will explain how he was able to enter uninvited, but it will be a while. As for the other comments...we will see whay happens. Keep reading!