Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Trade

My friend Pyracantha and I have traded commissions over the years. I would do a picture for her in exchange for a picture from her! We like to challenge each other and push each other to do things out side our comfort zone! This is from a great, lurid, Victorian-ish, fantasy novel that is unfortunately hard to find and out of print (I can't recall the name right now). But Pyra, has a copy and has done some great pictures herself based on it. Well she asked me to do a portrait of one of the main characters, an arrogant, but handsome poet! While doing this I was listening to "Toad the Wet Sprocket", Pray Your Gods, off of their Fear CD. The song just seemed perfect for this guy and this picture. The words in the background across the top of the picture says;

"I will give the secrets you request - and you will be the one to sacrifice -so lay your olive arms across my breast -and sing the poems, free the butterflies - pray your gods who ask you for your blood - for they are ..."

Doing all the architecture was my challenge (she is an expert at that kind of thing). I love all the details and am still VERY happy with how this came out.


  1. Now I have to do a "Tristan." Please stand by for further developments.

    The book is ARDATH by Marie Corelli. It was first published in 1889. It is still in print from small specialty publishers, and you can find it on Amazon, but it's expensive. It is my favorite fantasy book of the 19th century.

  2. A great picture Tristan, its a good idea to trade art work back and forth for fun and challanges. It help broden your scope in the art world.