Monday, January 25, 2010

NOT a fun day

When Don kissed me goodbye this morning as he does before leaving for work, he informed me that the power had gone off around 6:00. About an hour after he gets to work, he calls me from work and says the power is off there also. He ends up coming home early, we still have no power when he gets home around 11:00. Can't take a shower or flush toilets without, around noon, without having a shower, we go out to lunch. We shop a bit for stuff and come home around 2:00. Power is back on, I get my shower! BUT...because of his work, when ever the power comes on, he has to go in so he can fix all the computers. It comes on around 4:00 so we have to go in for that (I had to go so we could get supper and go to EFM (Education for Ministry a 4 year Christian study thing we have been doing for almost 4 years). I have a sinus headache and get nothing done much today. Just got home ...


  1. That really blows. Dawn and I were wondering if you guys lost power because we heard that most of Silver Run was out from the Carroll County Times. Ours flickered quite a biut, but thankfully never went out. Hope you had a better day today!

  2. If a few hours with out power is bad for you try 2 1/2 week last year when they set all the crews here in Ohio to help with the hurricane and Ohio got the worst of the storm. Nearly half the state was out for almost a month...
    (sorry to sound like an ass....)

  3. I shower once a week... you shower to go eat?

  4. Thanks Bobby!

    Andy, 2 1/2 weeks would mean we would go to a hotel or go visit friends with power or something!

    Axis- I shower once a day! Some people need coffee to be awake and function, I need a shower!