Saturday, January 9, 2010

Strange Delights (7)

(copyright Tristan Alexander all rights reserved)

As he lay beneath his blanket of marble in his borrowed bed,
Valantene dreamt. In over a hundred years, he could remember this
happening only on the rarest of occasions.

In his dream he was human again, living in a small town and
dreaming of pleasure. A man in fine clothes sat on his bed and
fondled him much to the delight of both. The man was very pale
and the fingers that danced over his erection were cool against
his hot flesh. As his passion began to peak he was no longer a
boy but now he ran through the undergrowth of a forest on all
fours. He could smell the damp earth, the dozens of different
plants he ran through and over. In his lupine nostrils he also
had the scent of blood, hot human blood. Fast on the heels of a
running man, closer he came and as he sprang for the kill he
found himself flying on leather wings, sending out waves of sound
that told him where he should go. Bat wings beat on the air as a
racing heart, faster and faster. High into the clear night sky he
went, feeling the wind blow through his fur, seeing things in
sound images no human can imagine. Up he went, up till he could
almost touch the full moon that now threatened to blind his small
sensitive eyes. As his world became filled with this light,
Valantene awoke in the throws of orgasm.


Awaking late in the morning, nude and cold, Joshua Shelly
remembered well his dream of the night before. Despite the
illogic of it, he found he could not believe that it had only
been a dream. There were to many clear details that he could
recall and his state of undress as well as the puncture wounds he
found on his penis were proof that it was real.

Who was the strange pale boy who somehow got into his room
unnoticed and whose sexual appetite seemed far in advance of
others his age. Joshua wished he could talk to someone about all
this. He used to be able to talk to his mother about almost
everything but this was not something he could ask her about. She
didn't know about his growing conviction that he was gay. His
encounters with the pale youth had only confirmed in his heart
and mind that his true sexual feelings were for other males.
Since his parents had always told him that who ever he loved was
fine with them and since they had gay friends who where accepted
by the family, Joshua knew that this would not be a problem for
his parents. But it was still hard for any 16 year old boy to
discuss his sexual activities with his mother. And considering
the strangeness of his lover and the exact nature of the sex they
had, Joshua could not even consider talking to her about it.

Needing to think, the troubled youth decided to take a walk. He
often walked to help him make a decision or to clear his mind. In
the late afternoon, Joshua found himself in the City Cemetery
standing in front of the Miller Mausoleum. He couldn't remember
planning to go there or why he had been drawn to this crypt in
particular. The ornate carvings on its front, the winged
hourglass and the fact that it was built into a hill all made it
attractive to him. He had a strong urge to enter this crypt. In
all his many visits to the Cemetery, Despite his strong
curiosity, he had never dared enter one of the burial chambers.
Touching the highly decorated gothic style bronze doors, Joshua
found that the Mausoleum was open. As the evening began to take
hold of the day, the metal doors swung silently inward and the
boy entered the realm of the dead.

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