Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lost Follower

Well, I recently received an email ripping apart the study for the cage fighters and the African child pictures. I suspect that that is who has drooped off as a follower of my Weble.

 If I do a couple of pictures you don't like or don't think is my best work it should be no surprise. I can not please everyone all the time and I know everyone has different tastes. Comments here are helpful when they are constructive! Just saying you like something is OK, but doesn't guide me as an artist. Comments that you don't like something are helpful IF you give me constructive criticism! Tell me specifically why you don't like the picture or what you think I could have done better. Insults and questioning if I have "lost it" are NOT helpful in any way.

So, if you follow this Weble, you should already know the work varies and changes and will continue to do so. Thank you to those who have commented and those who continue to look at my work here.



  1. (this was trhe annonamouse email response I got from this troll bigot);
    i am being constructive. i told you the cage fighters appear
    to have no necks and are poorly proportioned. "dew drop" looks
    like he suffers from mongolism. now if that is what you want
    to convey then you are a huge success. but as far as i am
    concerned, you have lost it and it looks like you are not about
    to get it back again.
    i am not about to analyze your problems and the source of them.
    that is for you to do. maybe you need a new "husband" as you
    quaintly refer to the dude you live with. maybe even that
    won't help. maybe you need to go out and cruise in the park
    and get an idea of what is appealing again.
    but if you don't get back on an even keel again, then soon
    you won't have any followers left.
    that is as constructive as i can possibly get. i am going
    out of my way to try to help you and you can take what i
    have to say or leave it. it certainly makes no difference
    to me.

  2. If it makes no difference to you annonmouse email bigot, then GET THE HELL OUT! I don't need to hear from anyone who disrespects me as a person or an artist!

  3. You've probably never met me, so allow me to introduce myself. I'm one of Tristan's fellow artists, and I've worked closely with him for some time. The details are not important for purposes of this critique, but the nature of how we critique each other is. I came into the art world used to critiques being bloody, and it wasn't a critique if somebody did not leave the room crying. However, I'm confused as to how one's personal life and relationships are “fair game” in an artistic critique. This started out well: it was a discussion of the work... acerbic by Tristan's standards but in line with mine, constructive, and whether Tristan chooses to follow your observations or not is his choice as an artist. However, how his marriage or additional activities play into his work baffles me. If this was intended as a critique, it stands out as, by far, the single most bizarre critique I have ever seen. Yet, as a request for a date, it's not bad, if a little surprising. “Your husband isn't doing it for you, leave him, go prowl for pretty boys?” Personally, I'd be the last one to tell somebody to leave a 20+ year marriage, for any reason, ESPECIALLY under the thinly veiled auspices of artistic advice, but I've seen folks go after the man for more far transparent reasons than that... and he certainly can be charming. To each his own....

  4. Hey Tristan, I have recived one of those type of emails and I didn't even understand it. It came from some annonmouse person I didn't even know. I just randomly showed up and said some stuff that horrfied me. It sounded similar to your message and I tried to Reply and cuss the person out but two minute later I got some error Message saying that the sender didn't even exist and that I came through 20 something servers that it was untraceable. I like your art and wish for a day where I can Find A lover to be with for 20 some odd years.