Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Kind of Religious War

(This is from my friend/brother Theddy, reposted from his Live Journal with a a link to the actual post as well). He uses language I don't, but he is my exception when it comes to such things!
For the Final Time. There. Is. No. Flying Spaghetti. Monster.
Marco Polo was an asshat dickfaced thief and liar with the penis of a turtle.
He ransacked the great Temples and found of the Great Celestial Heavenly Lo Mien who caries the Fishballs of Creation and Destruction. and brought him forth as a new religion to fool the masses and create great dishonour to the original. Monster indeed! HOW DARE YOU REFER TO HIS GREAT CELESTIAL HEAVENLYNESS AS A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU NOT KNOW IT IS HIS EVER CLEAR BROTH OF DELIGHT IN WHICH OUR WORLD SWIMS! DO YOU NOT KNOW HE SENDS THE GREAT HEAVEN STOVE TO WARM YOU EACH DAY. HIS SACRED FIRE!!!!!!!!!!
Marco Polo was the Anti Pasta! Meatballs... BAH when was the last time you saw Grey Meat balls! stupid westerners that means your beef is bad! when was the last time you saw spaghetti without sauce!?!?! SAUCE IS HOW IT HIDES IT SHAME!
The Great Celestial Heavenly Lo Mien needs no sauce for his broth is CLEAR and PURE!
and fuck your pirates! Asian had pirates while you Europeans were still taste testing rocks and berries!

I had hoped years ago this would be settled but i see that people still mention this affront to Our Slurpable Heavenly Love Noodle! Such Blasphemous Utterings But then what can be expected of such people that produced the Necronomnomnomnomicon and Bobby Flay

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