Monday, May 30, 2011

Balticon Post Mortem

Well, the con started off bad with me arriving at 8:08 Friday morning to find the Artist Alley tables (which I was in charge of) set up more or less upside down and backwards! Then seeing that all but 4 out of 14 tables that were supposed to be 6 foot tables where 8 foot tables... I had to have some rearranging done and finally got something workable set up. Then, we had the 5 people who had asked for and paid for tables all set and had  lots of empty tables. So when I was asked if two could be used for fan tables promoting other Cons and two for Movie people, I said sure. Not long after that we had walk ins, people who wanted tables but did not pre reg for them. Considering how messed up and unorganized the information was to get tables, I said yes to all the walk ins. In the end we filled all but maybe one table and so had about 10 people on Artist Alley. Next year there WILL be a link and clear information and people WILL pre reg or not get a table! I will also do my best to get all 16 tables that fit in the space to be ONLY for Artists Alley and nothing else!

Then, for the art show and my sales I was not happy Friday with one sale, Saturday was also very slow, but Sunday things really picked up. I sold several things at my table as well as the Originals for "Bast in Repose", "Fox Maiden" and "Iris Lantern" the last 2 actually going to auction! Over all with some sales of stuff that did not sell last year, art show sales, print sales and table sales, I did well!

I am amazed, with the economy and so many out of work and a low attendance at the con, I really expected to not do well at all. I really appreciate all those who bought my art!

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