Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Art...Eventualy

I still have a horrible cold, even after a week of doing nothing. I am still dealing with my mothers death and have stuff I still need to do because of that. I have to fill out court papers and have been subpoenaed to appear in court for the guys who threw the foo dogs through our window. I have an event I am coautocratic (helping to run) for Halloween and need to do allot for that. The house still needs cleaned and my back is still killing me.

I have 10 things on my art commission list an can't get started on any of them...So I hope to post more art soon. Be patient with me.


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  1. So it is not just me then that is feeling like utter crap from pennsic. Kelson suggested in my case i may be malnourished from not eating all the right crap. I think it may also be that i was not taking any of my supplements while i was there. but honestly ti feels like a low grade flu or something. everything aches to hell and back. that how you feeling? maybe we caught whatever had Eric had. and i know the feeling of needing to get arts done. i have a lot to do and cannot even get unpacked from Pennsic yet

    HUGS for all the other crap. i am really sorry about your loss and all this other crap.