Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Relaxing Doll

Here is another picture of my BJD (still have not settled on a name for him) with his dark hair (a much better wig than the red one though I like the red color better). Here he is reclining on his couch in his new Japanese garb.


  1. Did you buy or make all that wonderful miniature furniture for your doll, or has he grown to human size and taken over an elegant area of your house?

  2. I actually bought the dressser/cabnet (whatever you call it) 2 years ago just cause it was cool. The couch was a gift many years back from a friend. I bought the cat about 3 years ago and the great jug, with the octopus was also a gift a few years ago. They just all happened to be the perfect scale for my doll! The rug is a pillow cover I bought maybe 2 years ago and never got a pillow form to put it on.