Monday, January 16, 2012

Boys New Room

I just moved my BJD into a new "room", it is actually a shelf on a book shelf (well space for 2 really). I am still working on adding little things. Still need to find a lamp for him. If I had allot more room it turns out I actually have many many great items that are the right scale for him... Anyway, still need a name for him and still working on getting his a "little brother". Miniature stuff is SO much fun! I have always love tiny things and miniature versions of larger things, so this is becoming an enjoyable hobby!


  1. It is good to see the boy has a kitty cat to keep him company.

  2. I like little "things" too. They are so cute and nice to rub and make bigger!

  3. Luv your art Tristan, you do some really great work. I've been wanting to get into the BJD hobby myself but I just don't think I can afford it. I would luv to get an Obitsu boy, Supia boy, Souldoll boy, or one of the Angel of Dream boys, they are just so beautiful. I just don't know where the best place to order one here in the U.S. is. I luv how you have set up your shelf for your lovely BJD, and he definitely needs a "little brother" to accompany him in his room.