Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short Movie Reveiws

Just because I saw one bad movie and started rewatching another. Here are my very short movie reviews for;
Princess of Mars
This movie brings a new meaning to "special effects". They are "special" in the short bus form of the term! Seldom have I seen anything this bad. The sword fighting and even the running is badly done! Negative 3 Stars!

This movie had a good premise and some interesting ideas but one thing it did not have was a plot! Negative 1 Star.


  1. Princess of Mars is one of my favorites. Mark Atkins should get an Oscar for it. It's simply great. How could you not just love it?

  2. This is why Disney made John Carter

  3. The original Predator didn't really have a plot either, that was one thing I enjoyed about it, it was a throwback to the original situation. No worry about plots or massive character developments would seem lost in a fast paced movie like this, just simple bloody, gory action. I couldn't stand a few of the characters, but it was all the more glorious to see them die horrifically. Topher Grace I have to lift my hat off to, he did an astounding job of breaking the "good boy" typecast he got out of That 70's Show and played a really scary villain.

  4. Grifter, I hated Predator 1, a movie needs a plot and I need to care about the characters. Predator 2 was a much better movie!!