Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bloody Brutal Work part 2

Well, since I have had some reactions to my first post of this name and since I understand the concerns that doing some types of art cause people (including myself), I decided to look into this whole subject. As an artist I try hard to NOT stay in my comfort zone, I like being chalenged and doing stuff I don't normally do. So the original commission of fighting boys was both welcome and a bit off putting. Both because I had never done anything like this and because it was not a subject I was into.

As the work progresssed, I was actually proud of myself for doing them and how well I thought they came out. I was happy that they represented what they were meant to illustrate and in my oppinion, they were also good art!

So, this time around, with the negative comments about the subject, my mind went back to art history and artists from the past...and just doing a quick search online I found these artsis works and realized, I am not doing anything diffent than them and have no problems with doing this subject.

Thomas Eakins, one of my favorite artists, most likely gay and a great painter, did boxing and fighting paintings! George Bellows, was the name and picture that came to mind when I realised doing this kind of art was NOT new or bad! He is very famouse for his realistic, gritty, boxing paintings. These were paintings of boxing before the "modern" rules, when it was much bloodier! And a new artist I had not heard of, Richard Slone, has paintings in the Boxing Hall of Fame and shows some pretty bloody and graphic scenes!

So in the end, this "bloody and brutal work" is nothing new or wrong and has a beauty of it's own. IF you are one of my readers/followers/veiwers/fans and you don;t care for this subject...ignore these posts! I will be doing cute boys, lovely lads and furry creatures soon enough!


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  1. Well, you're right. One of my favourite works is Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son". If more people appreciated this kind of work they wouldn't have to take Bath Salts to get into it. Also great artworks of Saint Sebastian with arrows shot all through his buff body and nude are great and he is also kind of a patron saint of gays. Go for it!