Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Death of Joy

So, I had almost a year not really I guess from late November till August when I was happy because my son was back in my life. Because I had a grandson and looked forward to seeing them both at soon point soon. Well, my son has shut me out again with no explanation or reason.. I have heard from others that he is angry with me but no one can or will tell me why! He does not respond  or communicate with me at all now.

My grandson may also be lost to me since his mother and her mother, the only connection I had to him have stoped communicating as well...I am not happy, I am not sure how I can get myself out of this depression. I am getting nothing done and have people I owe art, but I can not work when I can barely function at all due to how I feel right now!

This is a picture of Logan, my grandson...I still hope that someday, while he is still a child, I will get to meet him and be part of his life.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this Tristan, I know how much you love your family. I hope somehow contact can be re-established.