Monday, October 1, 2012

From Chair to Fireplace

I have been working on a bed but got sidetracked to make a fireplace. This is not finished but it is at a place I felt I could show it. This is a fireplace I made for my BJDs. It is 14 1/2 x 15 x 4, it is wood (except for the tree detail on the front). It is made mostly from a recycled dining room chair.
As I said I was working on a bed (a 4 poster for the dolls that is still far from done) and that is why I was taking old chairs apart, to get parts to use on the bed. As I was cutting things apart I realised how well the parts could go together to make this.
The front arch/decorative part and the sides are from a chair. The area with the carved leaf swirls, those swirls and the mantel are all separate parts. I added a thin flat piece of wood behind the arch and put separate leaf swirls on it. I cut a piece of wood for the mantel and painted it to look like marble. I had to sand and stain (with Acrylic paint and Acrylic varnish) all the wood to match.
Overall I am very happy with how this looks. I still have to put a grill area on the front bottom, do trim on the bottom edges, add a hearth and logs and work out some lighting to make it look like the fire is lit when I want it to be. Eventually I will get the shelves/apartment done so it will go in a room!


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  1. That is really delightful! You're on your way to creating an entire miniature world.