Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marriage Equality WIN

28 years ago, 3 days before Christmas, I moved from Illinois to Maryland to be with my "partner" Don. Now, finally, as of January, we will be allowed to be legally married here in Maryland! Now if the Federal Gov. will just recognize that Gay or Straight, ALL marriage is valid and should be recognised we will have a sensible policy in this country!

I am SO happy to be wrong, since I was sure Maryland like all the others states that had voted on Gay rights to marry, would vote against it...but not only did they not vote against it, Maine and a couple of other States voted for Equality!! So I publicly and happily say I WAS WRONG!

Now to figure out when and how we will make the 28 years officially legal!


  1. I wish my state would come to there sense and vote in gay marriage.

  2. Nice to hear from you again! I thought you were not out...if they have marriage equality and you don;t tell people you are gay, you still have a problem! But I hope things get better for you on that front!

  3. Congratulations! Let the wedding festivities begin!

    It appears that you made a very smart choice to move to Maryland.

    I live in Washington State and the voters here approved marriage as well.