Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BJD Want List

So it seems the two BJDs I want are sold out and have been since before I even heard of them. One is a boy centaur that is cute and while not the best I have seen, is in a good price range (well was when it was available). The second is more expensive but I love the look of this one and want him very badly! But again, it is long sold out :( Here is the URL for the one I would love to have and can't find anyplace!! The darker skinned one with the full satyr look would be what I want!! So if by some miracle, someone who reads this can find me one to buy I would be VERY grateful!


  1. When you REALLY look they're soooo intricately detailed. There is an elegance and beauty to them which I must admit, at first (and even second) glance, escaped me.

    I wonder why they're not anatomically correct as the maquette figure or "doll"? They're so precise in other ways.

  2. They are anatomically correct, the boys are boys and the girls are girls. Granted, most of the boys have very minimal genitals, but they do have them! Some of the adult dolls are a bit more realistically hung!