Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stupid Me, Bad Doll Luck

I have had bad luck with my last two dolls, one is a recast (I did not know what it was when I ordered it) and he has some issues. The other is from Ipelhouse and is not the right size, I screwed up and got the KID when I should have gotten the size up. He is just to small and delicate for me. So, if anyone is interested in a trade or might want to buy either of these two boys we can talk. I will sell them for what they cost me or trade for an elf boy or a Fairyland Minifee boy.  The recast (unauthorised copy) is based on a Ipelhouse JID Daniel and I would need at least $200 for him I think he cost closer to $300. The other is an African skin color (light brown) and is a boy with the Bennie head and would be at least $300. I feel like an idiot in both cases and if the last doll I ordered is not something I am happy with, I don't think I will get any more ever!

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