Wednesday, January 1, 2014

AMC Theaters to show AntiGay Propaganda

Towleroad reports AMC will be screening a movie by the anti-gay group Focus on the Family.
May 6, 2014, AMC theaters across the U.S. will be showing a one-time screening of Focus On The Family’s Irreplaceable as a part of their Fathom Events program. The documentary film follows one man who believes in traditional marriage and family as he consults with various “experts” - like anti-gay Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, ex-gay advocate Dr. Miriam Grossman, and Prop 8 supporter Michael Medved - to determine if his traditional marriage is “meaningful or outdated.”
Focus on the Family is the group that claims Gay marriage will “humiliate” children. Former members admit to doing harm because of FOTF. Tried to legalize anti-gay discrimination.
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We just saw the Second Hobbit movie and there was a trailer for this Homophobic anti gay rights "movie"...I almost went to ask for the manager to complain but figured it would do no good. I think ignoring these bigots is better than giving them any publicity. I posted this here just so people can be aware!

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