Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life The Universe and Everything, And why no Art Recently

OK, this is personal stuff that explains why I have not uploaded anything in a week or so. On the 26th of this month my son is getting out of prison and will be coming to live with us. 4 Weeks ago my mother in law broke her hip and has been in rehab for the past 3 weeks, she gets transferred to a nursing home this week and if that doesn't work out she will also be coming to live with us!
We have a 3 bedroom ranch style house with a half finished basement. BUT, one bedroom is ours, one is a library and one is the cat room/junk room. To find a place to put two other people is NOT going to be an easy thing!
Also at the end of July I have Pennsic and will be away for 2 weeks selling ion my, I am not getting art done I need to do or want to do.
I am currently also working on a coronet that is due in early I am a bit frazzled right now. I hope everything comes together and calms down soon.


  1. I am emailing you a question about your Pennsic shop... on other news: I have been searching for that Pan statue you lost... in my spre time, I like to help friends with Google fu... Anyway, it's not the same, but i was wondering if you like this sort of thing, or did you want the same exact statue you had before:

  2. ok... I just lost my comment due to silliness... Anyway, I will be emailing you shortly re: your Pennsic shop. Aside from that, I have been looking for a replacement for the statue you lost, I like to help my friends in my spare time with my Google fu... I was wondering if you liked the look of this, or were you looking to exactly replace the statue you lost? :

  3. I got both comments in my email notification of this, so no worries.