Friday, July 18, 2014

Old Black and White Badges

Way back when, I was very active in many conventions and name tags/badges where big things for people to get. Here are 3 black and white badges I did. The top one was done for Arisia '02 (Arisia is a HUGE SciFi con in Boston and I was lucky enough to be Artist Guest of Honor for 2002). It was a wonderful experience especially as I had just had cancer surgery in Nov. 2001 and Arisia was in jan. 2002. The unofficial theme was "So long and thanks for all the fish." Thus the dolphin in space.

The second badge was a small merman done on scratchboard, not for any con specifically.

The third was done for Esotericon (I assume for 1991 since that is the date on the art). I always enjoyed Esotericon and usually sold fairly well there. I was Artist GoH a few times at Esotericon, this badge was based on an antique Gryphon hood ornament I own. I really love how this one looks.
Prints available of all badges.

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