Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Propper Art Practices

(I wrote this for one of the online art communities I am involved in but feel this simple thing which should be common knowledge needs to be spread to any and all artists who might come across it. Feel free to repost it wherever you think artists may benefit from the information).

OK, I have seen this so many times on here and other sites I just have to say something. Many very good artists, many who I am sure consider themselves professional, fail to leave room on their work for matting and framing! You should ALWAYS leave at least 1/2 inch border around your work that can be covered with the matt/frame without cutting off any of the picture! If you do traditional work you should have been taught this from the start.
NO art should EVER be framed/put under glass without a matt! The matt keeps the glass from sitting on the art and prevents condensation or heat from making the art stick to the glass! If you value your own work, please NEVER frame without a matt if there is glass (of plexiglass) and ALWAYS leave a border to allow matting/framing without covering up part of your work!!

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