Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rough Trade Now with Color

My trade continues, the color is far from done but I wanted to send an update to the person I am trading with before I get to far done.


  1. That is one weird creature. One of your best creature designs I've seen. Hand-like wings, lovely arms (I especially like the shading on her right hand) and not only a mermaid's tail but little extra limbs on her hips. Those are quite strange. As for her headpiece, how does she see out of it.I love the blue color too.

  2. Pyra, I wish she were my design, but she belongs to another. This is what he sent me to work from and has information about the creature.
    "...Would you enjoy drawing my melusine Pellusa instead? The only images I currently have of her are: &

    Outside of the clearer details about her character (like being eyeless) her design is not 100% fixed and set in stone yet, so you have a lot of flexibility and artistic liberty with your interpretation. Her colors and overall look were inspired by a lot of things, but predominately these guys: Like any melusine, she's a sea siren that can foretell death and fortune. Other than that, you can pretty much do as you will with how you approach the piece."
    I agree it is a great creature design.