Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Muse Abuse

I have said this before, my muse is a brat! When I was able to do work I had no drive and had to work to motivate myself and find inspiration. Then I was sick for a week and was unable to do ANY art so now he is being hyper! I have 2 pictures in the works, one started before I got sick and one started in the last few days. I have at least 2 other ideas I really want to do and 13 stained glass rose pictures I was commissioned to do that I am all stoked and ready to get started on! But my stomach is still not doing well and you can not stop in mid brushstroke without consequences. And the way my stomach is that is how it is right now, when I have to go, no delay is allowed! But anyway, yay I have motivation, inspiration and short windows of time when I can do something about it...brat!

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