Saturday, August 29, 2015

Name for Satyr Boy

KOMOS A young Satyr boy (satyriskos) who became the cup-bearer of the god Dionysos (in a role similar to that of Zeus' Ganymedes). He was the demi-god of festive banquets.


AMPELOS A young Satyr boy (satyriskos) who was loved by the god Dionysos. When he was gored to death by a bull, Dionysos transformed him into the first grape-vine.

One of these names would be great for my new satyr boy BJD, I am just not sure which I like best.
He now has his own hair and the legs are mostly done (upper leg area has issues because of movement so I have to rethink how to paint them). Horns need painted but are ok for now. Still trying to figure out how to give him bigger pointed ears, but for now he is presentable. I adore him, he is so cute.

Any votes for either name will be appreciated.


  1. "Ampelos" the grapevine satyr boy wanders around vineyards by night, scaring away the deer who want to munch on the crops. I'm hoping to release my next wine art book, "Virginia Under Vine", in 2017 but that is not at all certain right now.

  2. Pyra, thanks for the feedback and I hope your new book comes out when you want it to.

  3. I had some problems with Endeavor Press as you recall...will have to be careful with the next edition.

  4. I vote for "Ampelos" for your beautiful Satyr boy. Big fan of your work and I like what you have done with your BJD boys so far. I hope to be able to afford my own BJD boys some day. If I am able to afford one someday, would I be able to commision you for the paintjob?

    1. Yes, You could have me do his paint job if you get one.