Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Art Wish

I can not afford to do it, but boy would I love to take a year and not do ANY art that I have to, no commissions etc. and just spend a whole year drawing the human form! Drawing, painting whatever, men mostly but a few females as well. I feel like I have lost some of my knowledge of human anatomy and would be a much better artist if I could do that.


  1. Do you mind working from photographs? There are numerous photo books of nude or lightly clothed models which I have found very helpful...the "Art Models" series is available at Amazon and they are up to number 9. Also, if you don't mind drawing clothed models you can draw people anywhere you go, it really improves your drawing to do this quietly in public :-). I always have the sketchbook with me and do a lot of portraits of coffee drinkers or readers or in summertime, park bench and grass folks.
    In summer places such as beaches or parks people will be there already. In winter a mall provides a multitude of people to draw. I've done all this and enjoy it a lot.

  2. I would work from photos, no problem. I have a few of the Art Model books (should get more). I would love to find someplace that has live model drawing, but I have looked around and nothing local or easy for me to attend is out there. I get to frustrated drawing people in public, they move and mess up the drawing and that makes me crazy! LOL