Sunday, May 7, 2017


I need to do a scroll for the SCA, normally that would be no big deal. I love working on velum (animal skin) and have some that is smooth and wonderful to work on. But when I went to get some for this scroll I could not find it. I did however find 2 nice size pieces of parchment (a less fine animal skin than velum). Having not really worked on parchment before I was unsure of how to prepare it if it was not already prepared fro use. So I took a small scrap and did this. I tried Calligraphy and painting on it (should have done real gilding but used paint instead). I based this on some medieval illumination with my own twists. "Atlantis", about 3 x 4, Acrylic, Micron pen, metallic paint and ink on parchment. Original SOLD. Prints available. Picture 9.

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  1. I love this tiny picture. I like the pale blue dome, which reminds me of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Also how you integrated the golden border with the composition behind it, very nice.