Friday, January 12, 2018

New Doll

Actually I got him last year early, when I had money. But I had not posted any pictures of him, not that this is a great one...he is a dragon human hybrid with wonderful markings and is just SO cute! I call him Ryu Jin Zu, he is 16 inches tall.


  1. He looks like an object of worship, did you paint him? Do you give him gifts like the ones in Chinese or Thai restaurants? And does he ever grow up? He would be awesome as an adult, as long as he was on your side.

  2. In this case, I did not paint him, I liked what they had done and bought him fully finished and in his outfit. Well, I don't give him gifts like that, but I do make things and get things for him, like the thing he is holding. As he is a doll he will never grow up but there are dolls that are adult half dragon/human hybrids that are fearsome and awesome (but as I only collect the kid versions and the adult versions are like $1000 or more, no I will not have the adult version or anything like it).