Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spectrum Scam

So, I was in a book store today and looked for the latest Spectrum Art book. I found it for $35 and did NOT buy it. Now, I own many of the back issue and have found some inspiration in them but after a couple years ago when I attempted to get art IN that book, and had to pay, JUST for them to look at my work, I became to question the whole thing.

First you pay to get them to look at the art you submit. Now it is done electronically so the only reason you pay is so they get money to print the books...which they then charge exorbitant amounts for. And  the ONLY people who EVER get art in these books are already published, well known artists. So from everything I have seen it is a SCAM!

Of course once you send them submit art for them to consider, they will every so often send you email notices asking for more money, I mean asking if you would like to submit more art for them to ignore. 

I used to be on a blog that was by someone in the "industry" who was involved with the Spectrum books and when I made some of these observations was told I was wrong and that many new up and coming artists get into the books. Now, considering I can look through the dozen or so issues I have and recognize nearly ALL the artists OR the book cover that they submitted...I call BS!

Anyway, I used to look forward to the new Spectrum to come out and bought them when I could. But I guess just like the old saying about not wanting to see how the sausage is made, once I got involved in the process...I have gone off the whole thing.

IF they really wanted to promote new artists and showcase the beat, they should NOT charge you unless they use your work. OH, by the way, you pay and even if you get IN, you get NOTHING but the "exposure", you get NO free copy and nothing other than them being allowed to use your art for free to make a mint!

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