Friday, January 23, 2009

Anthro art

OK, I have seen tons of great anthropomorphic art over the past few years and have done only a couple myself. I got a couple of new Wolf books for Christmas (thanks to gift cards) and this is based on a picture from one of them. The name "Obeisance" came straight from the pose. It means "an attitude of deference", I know it as a position taken to show submission or fealty to someone, a King etc.

I am working on a new color of Canson board (can't remember the exact name) its a dark reddish color and very dramatic. This is 8 1/2 x 11. Feedback, opinions, critiques are welcome.

Let me know what you think of it,


  1. Tristan:

    This is a wonderful piece. Your wolves are always amazing.

    However, since you're a "cat person" more than a "dog person," I need to let you know something about dog body language. While this pose looks like the wolf is bowing, it's actually an invitation to play. When the dog's front goes down on the ground and its rump goes way up in the air, it wants to play with whatever creature is in front of it.

    My only other comment, which is really a minor quibble, is that a wolf's paws don't really look like they've got fingers covered in fur. It looks more like a solid unit, most of the time. Now, having said this, I should also point out that the coloring of the fur could easily make the paw look this way, so, it's really a minor, minor quibble. But I wanted to point that out nonetheless.

    Overall, it's a stunning piece, one I'd display proudly on my walls!


  2. Jon,

    Thank you for the input, since he is "anthro" (part human and part animal) I did change the body and paws slightly to be more human like. The points you made are exactly what I need to hear (even if I knew about them already this time). And I know the pose is a play pose for a Wolf but for a humanized wolf it might be a position of respect. :)