Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More new art

This year seems to be a very productive one for me all ready, I just hope people buy it as I am running out of space to put it all.

Here are two non typical pictures from me, again keeping with my trying new things, doing things different theme.
Most people know I don't do females often but I got a great source book for figures and think I may do more this year.
I would love to know what anyone thinks of these. I get little feed back from my husband (he usually just says "that's nice dear" or something like that). Critique not praise or criticism is what I need.


  1. The first... in the face... looks like a co-worker of mine that just transferred to California... kinda creepy. Fortunately she doesn't look as nice as the art.

  2. Tristan:

    The nude is a nice figure study. But I REALLY like the frog. I just wish I could see a larger image of him -- clicking on it doesn't display anything at all. :( He looks quite realistic, both in texture and in his coloring.

  3. actully i freqent your web site. i just never comment i can never choose what to say. I enjoy both of these pieces. I have also recently picked up a pen lately, and i would love to hear your thoughts. It's anime and nature studies. Look forward to hearing form ya. Russ.