Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from Balticon

Well, I think my "fluke years" are over but I sold fairly well overall. Can't complain. Having prints helped alot and the new print system for the con worked for me. Theddy, who I agented for sold one picture...but he only had 7 things in the show and all where prints. So not bad at all really.

I met a great guy named Dirk Shearer, he does amazing scratch board work. This is hi website; He has a weble/blog that he has not posted on for a while, give him a kick and maybe we can get him to post there more often! I hope to have some of his prints in my shop at Pennsic this year!

Next works will most likely be commissions I am behind on. So, most likely older work will be posted for a while I suspect.

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