Saturday, May 15, 2010

Way of Life versus Life! (reposted from a friends LJ)

Way of life versus Life
i admit i like disaster movies. the epic big ones like asteroid hits and 2012's insane tectonic upheavals of DOOM and stuff like the core. but one thing about them always kinda made me wanna slap someone. the need to not protect LIFE but a fucking WAY OF LIFE!?!?!?! "We shall protect the American way of life in these giant underground shelters and other countries will do what they find appropriate"

i just chalked it up to bad writing. but now i see it in the news with the giant oil spill and global warming and other ecological disasters. No mention by politicians of say Saving the fucking ecosystem from things like oily death. nope. Tourism! WAY OF LIFE! not LIFE. it pisses me off as much as the term LIFESTYLE. i have a fucking LIFE not a lifestyle. i did not wake up one day and decided to live in a certain way. and tomorrow i am not going to wake up and be a straight republican. styles change. as do WAYS OF LIFE! but all this focus on things like Will we still be able to strip mine the ocean of fish and delicious crab? instead of HOLY FUCK CLEAN IT UP NOW AND SAVE SOME LIVES!

Honestly anymore what really is worth saving about our way of life anyway. it has become a joke. we trade our freedom for the illusions of safety. we let our tax money bail out corporations while people lose homes and those corporations gift themselves money and send more jobs overseas fucking the people that were robed to pay them off in the first damn place. we consume without ever having a thought to what we are depleting. Most people seem to think things magically Appear in the grocery store or other shops. Hell in winter we toss enough salt on the roads to pay off an entire roman legion back in the day. everyone is obsessed with the latest and greatest of whatever happens to be there and tosses perfectly functional stuff in the garbage. Right up the road from here is a Second hand store that tosses out DUMPSTERS full of stuff she does not want to sell. and then posts that no one can dumpster dive in it for stuff. Anne's on the other hand bags up everything not good enough for sale in her store to send to goodwill and other places.

sigh... off my high horse and off to fold laundry and such. (this is all from Theddy's Live Journal post).

I could not agree more with this! His points reflect what I have seen as a major problem with the US and the world for a LONG time!


  1. Whenever I read one of these rants, I just wanna say, OK, what would he rather have? Really. What would he rather have...little villages full of low-tech people living "close to the land?" How about those big governments and corporations? Dismantle 'em! Really! And what will take their place? Actually I think that the S.C.A folk should all get together and re-create a utopian medieval world somewhere, and it will be a marvel of co-operation and ecological awareness and colorful costumes and peace. Right! Pennsic all year round! That'll show those big bad corporations.

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  3. It's not a rant against the corporations, it's a rant against the whole "world veiw" that says money and a "way of life" is more inportant than LIFE itself! Changing how we do things to save the planet, make life better is not happening simply becuase people don't want to change their "way of life"! I heard someone say on TV recently, they didn't like electric cars because "I can't see myself plugging in my car!" They want to be able to put gas in it or it's not "the same". And all they want is for things to stay "the SAME"! Progress should be for the betterment of LIFE and the planet, NOT so some idiot can keep smoking, using patrolium based fuels, or doing things the way "they always have"!