Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Coronet

I thought, since I have nothing else to post and don't think I have shown off the leather coronets on here before, I would post a few more before leaving for Pennsic.
This was commissioned and is one of the more complex coronets I have done. This has allot of cut work, lots of painted detail (12 horses), lots of jewels and real pearls around the base (all sewn in). It is metallic gold Acrylic (with some white and brown for shading). It is about 3 inches tall and 23 inches around.


  1. I can't help it, I thought of it as a permanent memory of my bad youth.
    There is a brand of toilet paper and this is the jingle I used to hear:

    "Extra value is what you get
    When you buy Coronet!"