Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leaving FA part 2

Well, after trying to get two of the moderators of FurAffinity to help me, I was finally told "No, there is no way to delete your page from the site". Apparently the only thing I can do if I want to really be GONE from FA is to delete every single entry and bit of information one by one! I just wonder, what is someone really ticks them off and the owners want someone gone? Do they have to just leave all that persons stuff up? Do they have to delete everything one by one themselves? This seems like a lie to me, I mean, don't most sites have some way to delete stuff without doing it entry by entry?

Oh, well, Saturday or Sunday I will either reconnect to FA and consider staying or I will start deleting stuff! That will be a lot of I guess I have to decide if it is worth this added pain in the butt from this site or if the trouble of staying is less annoying.

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