Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Name Sake

Well, another picture damaged in the flood (but I think I will keep it as it is not moldy) is a character from my book The Journal of Edward Knight (unfinished and likely to never be). Tristan Alexander Knight is the third child of my main character and this portrait of him was done many, many years ago on a piece of paneling. I used to paint on anything flat I could find.
Also, at Pennsic, I was introduced to a baby boy of 4 months (I think) who was named Tristan Alexander Cooper! His parents saw my name on my shop sign and had to look me up to introduce him to me! They took a picture of us together and hopefully will send me a copy soon!
Anyway, this is "Tristan Alexander Knight", Acrylic on paneling back, 23 x 48.  


  1. There is a Tristan Alexander Osmond (4 yrs old) in St Peter's congregation here.

    BTW- what's the online printing company you use? hugs Oger

  2. scroll back to the post titled "Great Company" there is a link to them.

  3. It's a nice peice of work. I like the watch belt that he's wearing. It makes me think of a time traveling romance I read. The boy in the story uses a watch to travel back in time and it make me think of it for some reason.